What happens when Houston’s premiere moving company combines forces with a new CEO extraordinaire? Moving magic happens! Ameritex Movers is announcing Leah Faul as its new Chief Executive Officer. With her extensive background in marketing and business growth, Leah is a powerful asset to Ameritex’s ever-growing team. Her dedication to defining success and focusing on future growth makes her an important piece of the puzzle moving forward.

All About Leah

So what’s the secret behind Leah Faul’s keen business instincts? The answer lies both in her deep understanding of business and her quick acclimation to any company’s culture. In 2015, she began her own specialized digital marketing company, 15000 Cubits. With sharp strategies and innovative processes in place, the company quickly grew to include several full-time employees and influential clients. In that time, Leah also served as president of the Houston Interactive Marketing Association. During her time on the board, she headed a team of Houston business leaders and soon observed a need for core values to define and guide business practices. From there, she sharpened her interest in growing and improving established companies like Ameritex.

A Match Made in Heaven

Owners Nima and Beth Rohani quickly realized that combining efforts with Leah would be a genius move. They explain, “After working with Leah and her marketing team, it became clear that our vision and core values aligned perfectly. The decision to bring her on board as CEO was a mutual stroke of brilliance, and we believe that her unique leadership skills and interests will benefit Ameritex in unprecedented ways.”

Even more importantly, Leah and the Rohani’s share a passion for honing and refining the true purpose of Ameritex. “We chose each other and are aligned in our belief that core values come before profits. Leah will identify the overall mission of the company and give Ameritex the focus it needs. Leah is an experienced executive who will own the operations of the company with a Humans Helping Humans approach.”

Leah Faul (left) with Beth Rohani (right)

Humans Helping Humans is a simple mantra that drives everything Ameritex does. From the company’s work in the community, to its dedication to bringing Stress-Free to customers and team members alike,  Ameritex understands that everyone can use a helping hand every now and again. And it’s this kind of passion that’s turning the moving industry on its head.

As for Leah, her passions involve equipping the company with the tools it needs to reach its full potential. With defined and unwavering core values, she brings her brand of savvy strategy to Ameritex Movers. But she has no intention of changing the heart and soul of the company. Instead, she has identified its strong suits and plans to propel it forward in the best ways. She also has a heart for the Houston community, which makes her perfectly suited to the culture at Ameritex. “At the end of the day,” affirms Leah, “we’re all just humans helping humans.”