Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to make your apartment space feel as big as possible. Before you stress, realize that this is totally attainable with smart apartment organization. In a modern world where thousands have gone before you to test out the most genius ideas, organizing your apartment is a piece of cake.

Keep reading to find out our top 10 favorite hacks for apartment organization, or check out our infographic below.

10 Best Apartment Organization Hacks

1. Use a portable storage cart as a floating island. It’s affordable and on-trend, and you can roll it anywhere in your apartment that you please. When you move, simply pack it up for your next place.

2. Grab a couple of cube organizers for instant room dividers. They’re smart investments as both a storage solution and appealing aesthetics.

3. Install shelving wherever it makes sense. But with so many options out there, don’t lock yourself in with one variety. Use an eye-catching combination of floating shelves, traditional shelving, and cubbies.

4. Put your furniture to work. Each piece you buy should serve multiple functions. For instance, a small desk can double as a nightstand. And a coffee table could open up to contain all of your coziest blankets.

5. Consider furniture that can fold against your walls when you need the extra space. Or even chop it in half and bolt to the wall! Extra points if you paint it an of-the-moment tropical shade.

6. Install pot rails along your backsplash to maximize kitchen storage. You’ll instantly free up counter space while still keeping those culinary tools handy.

7. Use pegboards and command hooks to hang almost anything from the inside of doors and cabinets. We’re especially drooling over all the possibilities of dressing up those cabinets with wallpaper and paint.

8. Choose a cute and stylish hanging lamp — or even a hanging nightstand — to free up floor space. By the way, these DIY versions? Perfection.

9. Acrylic furniture is trendy and lightweight. Plus, its see-through nature creates the illusion of more room. (Mid-century modern furniture also plays into this hack, due to its clean lines and thin legs.)

10. In each room, place a pretty catch-all basket, where you can throw clutter until you’re ready to tidy up at the end of the day.

Apartment organization is a necessary part of life when you choose to rent. But with these great apartment organization hacks and technology at your fingertips, you’re sure to whip your place into shape in no time.

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