Thankfully, we Houstonians live in an area where we aren’t at the mercy of crazy elements that can halt operations at a moment’s notice. Here in Houston, we’re more likely to experience a traffic jam than a blizzard. In that respect, business owners can essentially choose any time of the year to move offices. But is there a best time for an office move?

Well, there are certain times of year — depending on weather, busy seasons, and employee vacation time — that are preferable for conducting an office move. Ameritex Movers has a few suggestions to help you choose.

How To Decide the Best Time For An Office Move

Plan Around the Weather

Let’s face it — Houston isn’t likely to be threatened with a major snowstorm anytime soon. But we do have our rainy season in late spring, and our hurricane season from June to November.

Sometimes you don’t have much choice in the timing of your move. It may seem dramatic to suggest you avoid six months out of the year just in case there’s a hurricane. Rather, we’re just saying you should consider all factors as you make your moving plans.

Take Busy Seasons Into Consideration

Think about the busiest times for your company, then plan around that.

  • Retail companies will surely want to avoid the holiday season from November to January. Pick a time when you won’t have to pack up around Christmas shoppers — or worse, miss out on all that potential business.
  • If you’re in the hospitality industry, try to avoid the warmer months, particularly when school is out for summer. No doubt you already know that you’ll be slammed with families and college students.
  • For project-based businesses like construction or engineering, think ahead to your biggest jobs and avoid moving during those times. Try to check with large clients who might schedule a project soon.
  • Doctors’ offices experience an influx of patients during the cold and flu season. You might consider moving in the summer when students are out of school and appointments slow down a bit.
  • The best time for an office move for companies centered on real estate is just after Christmas and in early spring. Other sluggish periods occur right after school starts.

Avoid Peak Vacation Times If Possible

Yearly peak times mostly revolve around school holidays and summer break. This is prime time for employees looking to vacation with their families. If you schedule your move anywhere in this time frame, be aware that you could lose some extra hands.

Whatever time of year you select, it’s critical to book your moving company as soon as possible. Like many other industries, we also experience ebbs and flows in our business. Make sure you give us as much notice as you can, though we understand last-minute moves do happen.

Choosing Your Houston Office Movers

If you’re ready to nail down a moving company, keep a few things in mind:

Ameritex Movers would love to be your office movers. With over 15 years of experience in all parts of the city, we’re a clear choice. Our moving crews go through rigorous training to ensure all of your valuable equipment gets from A to B in mint condition.

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