When moving out of college and back home for the summer, things can get a little hectic. With roommates to work around and hundreds of students moving out at once, dorm moving is complicated. Here are five quick tips to help it run as efficiently as possible.

Top 5 Dorm Moving Tips

1. Pack Spare Clothes

Dorm moving can make life a little crazy even days after. Pack an overnight box with extra toiletries, a shirt, and shorts in a gym bag so you have it handy for the next day. Make sure to keep this bag separate from the rest of your items and somewhere you can easily access. This will make the next day less stressful because you will already have clean clothes at the ready.

2. Label Boxes on the Side

People often stack boxes to save space, but that’s also where the label usually goes. Keep things better organized by labeling your boxes on the side as well as the top. Now you’ll know exactly where you put your towels, sheets, or other important items when it’s time to unpack.

3. Save On Supplies by Using Common Items

Shipping supplies can be costly, but there are some items you already own that will help reduce space and keep costs down. For example:

  • Wrap fragile mugs with scarves.
  • Use shirts as bubble wrap around plates.
  • Pack books around your lamps so they stand up straight during transportation.

This is an easy way to cut expenses and reduce the number of packing boxes you need.

4. Get an Extra Trash Can

Moving is the time to get rid of all the junk you collected throughout the year. Get rid of the torn-up spirals and broken pencils to make dorm moving a little lighter. Next year you can get all new supplies, so toss out what you don’t need. This is also a good time to throw away of all those old clothes and college T-shirts you never wear.

5. Plan Ahead and Schedule a Mover Early

Everyone is moving out of their dorms around the same time. This means students everywhere are searching for moving services at the same time you are. Finding the right professional service will be more challenging since they are already stretched thin. Make sure to plan ahead and schedule an experienced, trustworthy moving company before someone else does.

Need Help Moving Out of Your Dorm?

Dorm moving is more than just moving boxes — it’s a struggle, and having the right professional moving service makes it that much simpler! Ameritex is committed to a stress-free dorm moving experience. We know how complex it can be, and how best to help. Whether it’s a long-distance move back home across Texas or within Houston, Ameritex is committed to making this time your best move.