Have you ever wondered why some rooms feel better than others? Why you’re able to work better in some areas? Or why you can’t get motivated to tackle that mess of a laundry room? The answer might lie in your home’s feng shui.

The Chinese art of feng shui — or the placement of items to create flow — can help your house feel like a sanctuary. Find out how you can use feng shui to balance your home.

How to Bring Good Feng Shui to Your Home

1. Assess Your Home, Room By Room

Before you start looking at mirrors and crystals, it’s important to figure out your problem areas. Make note of rooms that you don’t use, are unfinished, or that you don’t particularly like. You may not even know why you dislike them, but that’s okay in this early stage.

2. Look At Your Entry

The front door and what lies behind it set the tone for the entire home. You want to ensure your entry radiates Chi, or the energy behind feng shui.

Here are a few ways to achieve Chi in your entryway:

  • Paint your door according to the direction it faces.
  • Avoid direct alignment of the front and back doors.
  • Do your best to remedy a tight, crowded foyer.

3. Check the Flow

The easiest way to check your interior Chi is to imagine water flowing through your home. You’re after a steady and refreshing flow, rather than a rush or a trickle. Your structure, furniture, and decor should all reflect that.

4. Clear Out Clutter

Getting rid of items you don’t need can be harder than it looks. So put on some nice music and think about how much simpler life will be without so many “things” to care for.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Work on one space at a time. Don’t pull out all of the items in a room when you know you won’t be able to finish the job. Also, limit yourself to decluttering 1-3 times per week.
  • Separate your belongings into labeled boxes — Keep, Sell, Donate, Trash, and Unsure.
  • Immediately after you’re done sorting a room, get rid of the Sell, Donate, and Trash boxes. This will clear space and quickly improve your feng shui.
  • Find an organization method that works for you, and put away items from your Keep box.
  • Take your time and think about belongings in your Unsure box. Don’t stress about them.

5. Implement Feng Shui Remedies

Your home’s feng shui should revolve around the five elements:

  • Wood
  • Fire
  • Earth
  • Metal
  • Water

It’s important to bring a bit of each element into every room. You can do this with any decor style. If you’re new to feng shui, make sure you understand how to decorate with the different elements.

Lastly, add in classic feng shui cures:

  • Art
  • Color
  • Crystals
  • Fountains
  • Mirrors
  • Plants

The result will be a well-balanced home that brings happiness and harmony to all who enter.

If you’re moving to a new home, now is the time to develop a game plan for optimum feng shui. Professional movers like Ameritex can help you set up your home to flow exactly as you like. Call 713.484.6683 for more information.