Have you ever felt like there just aren’t enough hours in the day? When you’re in the middle of a big move, you’re even more pressed for time. Since cloning yourself isn’t an option, Ameritex professional full-service movers can swoop in and spare you the headache.

What Is a Full-Service Move?

When you hire Ameritex for a full-service move, you get the premium package. You don’t have to lift a finger — your movers and packers handle every single detail. First, they professionally pack up all of your furniture, art, and other belongings at your old home.

Then, they safely and efficiently load our specially designed moving trucks with your things. Our trucks are spacious, clean, and stocked with moving supplies like furniture pads, shrink wrap, dollies, and more.

After transporting these items to your new home, the movers unpack everything and put it exactly where you want it. The moving crew will even re-assemble your furniture and dispose of packing supplies.

Check out the top benefits of hiring a full-service moving company:

Benefits Of Hiring Full Service Movers

8 Pros of Using Full-Service Movers

Hiring a full-service moving company has many perks. We think you’ll be interested to find out about the ways it can save you.

Professional moving:

1. Saves Your Back

Leave the heavy lifting to the pros and spare yourself chiropractor visits.

2. Saves Your Sanity

Arguably the best part of hiring full-service movers is not having to worry about the details. Leave your move to the experts and enjoy a stress-free transition.

3. Saves Your Belongings

The movers expertly wrap, pack, and stack each and every item. They treat your priceless belongings with the greatest care.

4. Saves You a Shopping Trip

Ameritex provides all of the boxes and packing materials as part of a full-service move.

5. Saves Your Friends and Family

If you don’t hire movers, well-meaning loved ones have to take on that role with you. This isn’t any fun for you or them.

6. Saves Your Money

Without a bonded, insured moving company, what happens if you drop that costly vase or fine china? Here’s a hint: you’ll have to pay the full expense out of pocket.

7. Saves You From Driving

Most people don’t love the idea of driving a truck the size of Kansas through tight lanes on the busy Houston interstate. But as it turns out, your movers are used to it. They’re quite good at it, too.

8. Saves You Time

Who wants to spend hours labeling everything, wrapping plates, and playing Tetris with boxes? Hiring out each step of your move leaves you free to make other plans for your new home.

Full-service moves are a great option if you value your time and your sanity. Consider the luxury of having the pros handle your entire move.

Professional Movers in Houston

If you need help moving in the Greater Houston area, we are ready to help. Our full-service movers create a stress-free, seamless experience. Enter your information on the right for a complimentary moving quote.