You’ve settled into your new home, and now it’s time to tackle your outdoor space. Even a little bit of work in your garden can give your curb appeal a serious boost. However, if you’re a newbie, jumping right in can be a bit intimidating. If you’re stuck in the weeds wondering where to start, check out these six simple gardening tips to make your new home look beautiful.

6 Gardening Tips for Your New Home

1. Gather your supplies

First, get ready for the task at hand with some basic gardening supplies:


Whether cultivating a new gardening plot or revitalizing an existing one, give your soil a boost with a rich compost mix, which is available at any garden supply store.


A set of sturdy hand tools, including small shovels and pruning shears, are a must-have for home gardening. Beginner gardeners should also invest in basic large tools, such as a shovel and rake.

Gloves and Sun Protection

Waterproof gardening gloves will keep your hands clean and dry, while a hat, loose long-sleeved shirt, and sunscreen protect you from too much sun exposure.


Mulch retains soil moisture, blocks weed growth, and fills in empty spaces. Have plenty on hand to put the finishing touch on your flower beds.

2. Design and border your flower beds like a pro

If you’re installing new flower beds in your yard, you can achieve professional-looking lines by using temporary spray paint directly on the grass to create your design. Once you have designed, planted, and mulched your beds, edge the outside with a border made of stone, brick, or concrete to give it a polished look and to block surrounding grass from creeping in.

3. Know what to plant in your area

Knowing what to plant in your gardening space is more than looking up which plants will thrive in your hardiness zone. Pay attention to how much sun and shade the various parts of your yard receive throughout the day. This helps you plan where to place partial-sun, full-sun, and full-shade plants.

4. Layer by height

Placing taller plants and bushes in the back and gradually working forward with shorter plants is a practical and visually appealing layout for any garden. Start with hardy bushes and evergreens in the back for year-long color. Next, plant taller grasses and lilies, then shorter shrubs and seasonal flowers along the front edge.

5. Mix in herbs and vegetables anywhere

You don’t need a special raised bed for vegetables, especially if you’re short on space. Herbs and veggies grow just as well in the flower beds bordering your home. Some can even grow in flower pots on your patio — just be sure to check the moisture level often, as potted plants dry out quickly.

6. Small yard? Think vertically!

You can cultivate a beautiful outdoor garden, even if you have a small space. Online tutorials abound for turning wooden pallets, old dressers, ladders, and even salvaged rain gutters into vertical gardens. Hanging plants are a beautiful and practical way to spruce up any outdoor space, especially a small one. Use creative containers — like colorful colanders — for a personalized touch.

We hope these gardening tips inspire you to get digging and make your outdoor space your own. If you’re looking for more ways to enjoy this season, check out these 16 reasons to love spring in Houston.

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