Today, fewer young people can afford to purchase property than in the generations before, and with rental prices soaring, roommates are often necessary to make ends meet.

Are you wondering how to find a roommate you’ll mesh with? In the modern era, roommate searches are just like house and apartment hunting: online. No more posting flyers on the local grocery store bulletin boards. Check out these tips on how to weed through your options and land the perfect roommate.

How to Find a Roommate

1. Ask your friends!

The first place to start your roommate hunt is asking friends and family if they know anyone in the area looking for a roommate. Even if no one in your immediate circle is looking, someone they know might be. Post on Facebook about your search, and adjust the privacy settings to allow your friends to share the post with their networks.


This website weeds out scammers and shady dealings by analyzing subscribers’ IP address location, manually reviewing profiles, and tossing out all submissions that don’t sound legitimate or give off crazy vibes.


If you already live in a house or apartment and are figuring out how to find a roommate to share your space, this site has a free app where you can post a listing. Website users can search for a place to rent in a specific Houston neighborhood — right down to the block of their choosing — so you know the location will be a perfect fit for both of you.

How to Vet Potential Roommates

Now that you’ve found a few contenders, you need to start vetting your candidates. This helps ensure you will be compatible living together. These are some good questions to ask and practices to abide by.

Ask about previous roommates.

This question can weed out a lot of incompatible potential roommates. If they complain that their college roommate was a nightmare because she was “so uptight” about the housekeeping, and you are also a neat freak, this is not the right roommate for you.

Ask for references and background information.

Previous landlords, roommates, and personal references can tell you anything you need to know about your potential roommate. You can also ask for a credit report. Some might feel hesitant about offering up that information, but it never hurts to ask. After all, it’s always better to be safe than sorry when you’re considering living together.

Conduct multiple interviews.

After narrowing down your search to a few candidates, do several rounds of interviews with each person. Meet for coffee or drinks in a public location, and consider bringing a friend to the first meeting. Ask about lifestyle and hobbies to see if you’re a good fit for one another.

Set Your Priorities and Expectations

Be upfront about financial expectations

Ensure everyone is on the same financial page by making lists of all costs that will be shared or separate. Discuss rent, insurance, household bills, and groceries in detail before signing a lease. Be sure to offer estimates of what those monthly costs will be.

Talk habits

Do you both like to watch a lot of TV? Does one of you prefer peace and quiet, and the other likes to entertain often? Do you practice an instrument that can be heard throughout your shared space? After background checks and multiple meetings, you may think you’ve found the perfect roommate, only to find upon move-in that their idea of a “comfortable” temperature for the thermostat is 80 degrees. Discuss the ins and outs of your daily routines and habits to ensure you don’t run into any deal-breakers.

Location, location, location

If you’re both looking for a new rental in a particular neighborhood, make sure you agree what is most important to you in finding the perfect place. Parking, noise level, and walkability are things to consider together.

Now that you know how to find a roommate who’s a perfect fit, make your move stress-free by calling Ameritex Movers at 713-484-6683.

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