Katy, TX has come a long way from its rice farming days. With nearby Houston growing every day, more people are spreading out to the Katy suburbs. As a result, Katy population growth is through the roof. More folks are moving to this area than ever before. In 2015, it surpassed the population of Pittsburgh. Impressive, right?

So why is Katy population growth exploding? Read on to find out all the most appealing factors bringing folks to this community.

3 Reasons Behind the Rapid Katy Population Growth

1. The Economy

The cost of living is less for Katy residents than for much of the Greater Houston Area. Real estate is more affordable, although the market is impressive and homes go quickly. In fact, many people move to Katy and commute to their jobs in Houston for this reason alone.

Income in Katy is impressive, compared to the rest of the Houston area and even the nation. Quite a few Katy residents are doing well for themselves, with a full 20% of households making between $75,000 and $100,000.

Job opportunities abound in Katy, thanks in part to the rapid growth and to the nature of local businesses. For instance, several hospitals have campuses in or within easy driving distance of Katy. Oil and gas and technology are also big businesses in this area.

2. The Schools

Katy School districts are the best of the best. Folks often move to Katy just so their children can attend school here. It’s easy to see why, with its national rankings and graduation rates up to 97%.

When it comes to private school, options abound. Some top local choices include:

If you’re seeking an alternative schooling option, Katy is a great place to be. The homeschool community is large and supportive. Hybrid homeschool/private school choices like Mirus Academy are changing traditional education, and charter schools such as Aristoi Classical Academy offer all the perks of private school at a public school price tag.

3. The Community

Neighborhoods in Katy are among the most desirable in the state. In fact, the popular Cinco Ranch even makes national lists. And with new neighborhoods going up constantly, there’s something for everyone.

Katy is famous for its friendly neighbors. There are plenty of fun opportunities to meet your neighbors and make a difference in the community. In addition, there’s also a culturally diverse population.

Looking for fun things to do? Katy is full of interesting pastimes for all tastes. If you’re outdoorsy, visit one of the great local parks or spend a day at Typhoon Texas. For a fun date night, visit a world-class restaurant or catch a movie at Alamo Drafthouse.

Due to undeniable factors like a booming economy, top-notch schools, and a friendly community that boasts tons of fun, Katy population growth is expanding like never before.

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