Lease Expiration and Your Notice
It’s that time of year again — lease expiration. Your lease is over, and you’ve just received your move-out notice. When this happens, you will need to start preparing to pack and move everything out. Once you decide where you’re moving to is time to contact Ameritex Movers in Houston to coordinate and plan your upcoming move. Lease expiration can be stressful, but we’re here to help.

What Do Professional Houston Movers Do?

Ameritex Houston Movers will help you with all the tricky moving details. We make sure you have everything you need when it’s time for your lease expiration date. Plus, we also ensure your move is smooth and stress-free.

Not only do your movers help you move your belongings, but they also assist in packing and labeling your boxes. Did you know that labeling is one of the most important things to do when moving? That’s because labeling makes unpacking a breeze once everything is moved and unloaded from the truck.

In fact, Ameritex Movers loads all your boxes on to the moving truck and takes them to the new place, even if it is all the way across town! Once your moving crew arrives at the new place, they put the boxes exactly where you specify. Since every box has a label, putting them where they belong is no hassle.

What About Office Lease Expiration?

When your lease expires at your office building, contact Ameritex Office Movers. The Houston office movers are highly trained professionals who can move your entire office building, staff, office supplies, and office equipment in a fast and efficient manner. You won’t have to lift a finger at all to move your office and heavy equipment into a new building.

Now, when you receive your lease expiration notice, you know who to call. The professionals at Ameritex Movers will make your move easy and stress-free every time. Contact us for home, office, and apartment moves today.