There’s more to living in Texas than just cowboys and great Mexican food. Different areas around the state have much to offer in both housing and job opportunities. On top of that, you’ll also find the cost of living is often more reasonable than in other parts of the country. In addition, Texans have a rich history and a fascinating local culture. You’ll never run out of things to see and experience.

Read on to find out all about what you can expect if you relocate to the Lone Star State.

Best Places to Live in Texas

People are moving in droves to our major cities — Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston. Jobs, education, and the economy are big motivators.

Other popular cities are Fort Worth, Arlington, El Paso, and several more. Some mid-size or smaller cities are college towns, like Baylor University in Waco, Texas State University in San Marcos, or Texas Tech in Lubbock.

Many people choose to live outside the big cities and commute to their schools and jobs. In fact, suburban living has never been more popular. Cinco Ranch, a neighborhood in Katy — a suburb of Houston — is the third best suburb to live in Texas. In fact, Houston neighborhoods make up six of the top 20 spots on this list.

In Texas, there’s something for everyone, whether you desire a life in the country, the full city experience, or something in between. And your lifestyle won’t break the bank, either.

Cost of Living in Texas

First of all, Texas has no state income tax. This automatically saves you thousands a year. Gasoline is just over $2 a gallon, which comes in handy if you’re racking up those commuter miles.

Housing is cheaper than in many other parts of the country, whether you rent or own. Cost of living in Texas per capita is better than in places like New York and California. According to Zillow, the average Texan home is worth $163,100.

These numbers are hard to beat, but you’re sure to fall equally in love with the rich Texas culture.

Texas Culture

Texans have a colorful, diverse history. You’ll notice Spanish influence in everything from language to food and architecture. Working cattle ranches still thrive here. Houston especially boasts cultures from every part of the world.

Southern hospitality is alive and well in Texas. You’ll find friendly people wherever you go.

Here is a short list of other Texan claims to fame (seriously, there are so many):

And yes, our Mexican food definitely deserves a special mention. It just doesn’t taste the same anywhere else.

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