It’s easy to love Houston, a city that has it all — a bustling downtown, delicious food, and a beach nearby. Houston manages to blend all that in so well, it’s almost seamless.

Top 10 Reasons to Love Houston

There’s no doubt there are hundreds of reasons to love Houston, but here we’ve listed our top 10 favorites.

1. Diversity in Cultures

Being an international city, Houston has a great mix of cultures. In fact, Houston is one of the most diverse cities in the country. The vast diversity is at the core of what makes Houston unique.

2. Variety of Food

Houston’s local cuisine is hugely impacted by its diversity in cultures. Prominent cuisines include authentic Mexican, Vietnamese, Chinese, Middle Eastern and American. According to Visit Houston, we have “over 10,000 restaurants representing more than 70 countries.”

3. So Many Museums

Houston also has one of the largest museum districts. In this area, you’ll find everything from the Museum of Fine Arts, the Houston Zoo, The Menil Collection, Rothko Chapel, and many more.

4. Appreciation for the Arts

From musicals to ballet, Houston’s art scene is one you can’t miss. For example, the Houston Ballet is the fourth-largest professional ballet group in the nation. Other amazing theatre companies include Alley Theatre, Houston Grand Opera, and Theatre Under the Sun.

5. Amazing Community

A true testament of the Houston community is how the city worked together after Hurricane Harvey. The number of volunteers and donations and the countless stories of strangers helping strangers are all proof how our strength and unity as a community.

6. Great Education

In terms of higher education, Houston has great options. Rice University, located in the museum district, is a leading research university and known across the nation as one of the best. Houston is also home to the University of Houston, the third-largest university in Texas, which is continuously expanding and growing its brand.

7. Cost of Living

For being a major metropolitan city, Houston continues to have relatively low costs of living. Houston’s cost of living is 2% lower than the national average.

8. The Medical Center

A central part of living in Houston is how the medical industry shapes our landscape. Among 20 other incredible facilities, Houston’s medical center is home to M.D. Anderson, the top cancer hospital in the country.

9. International Hub

Houston is also an international hub. More than 40 million people flew through George Bush Intercontinental Airport in 2017, making it the eighth-busiest airport. There is also William P. Hobby and Ellington Airport, which supports the United States Military and NASA.

10. Proximity to the Beach

Being near the coast makes weekend trips to the beach easy! Galveston Beach offers a variety of activities from fishing, kayaking, beach volleyball, or sunbathing. Families also love visiting Kemah Boardwalk for dining, shopping, and amusement rides.


Moving to Houston?

If you’re moving to Houston, hopefully, this has given you reasons to look forward to living here and to love Houston too. Be sure to check out some of our resources to help navigate which suburbs are where, fun summer activities, and other helpful tips.

If you need a professional movers help, we’ll be glad to help your transition to this Houston easy. Give us a call!