When you’re planning a big move, your mind is occupied with packing lists, timelines, and budget concerns. If you plan on moving your own belongings, figuring out how to move appliances is also a top concern. You’ll need to know all the proper moving methods in order to do this safely and swiftly.

How to Move Appliances

Some appliances just aren’t worth the hassle of moving. Feel free to toss, sell, or donate any appliances that:

  • Are outdated
  • Don’t function properly
  • Don’t mesh well with your new place
  • Won’t fit correctly

Sometimes, the choice isn’t even yours. Your new home might come with all-new appliances, or maybe you must leave certain appliances behind as part of your lease agreement. Whatever the case, early on, you should make a list of which appliances you plan to take with you.

What You’ll Need

Stock up on the following supplies well before move day:

  • A dolly is critical to save your back and your valuable appliances. Make sure you know the proper techniques for using it.
  • Moving supplies like blankets and plastic wrap go a long way toward keeping dings and scratches away.
  • Sliders or towels are handy for protecting your floors when moving appliances.
  • Straps attach your appliances to both the dolly and the side of the moving vehicle.
  • Protective gear is essential to keep you safe during your move. Think heavy boots and gloves, as well as a back brace.
  • A helper or two will help you get the job done in half the time or less. Even better if one of them already owns a truck.

The Process

First and foremost, keep yourself safe. We cannot stress this enough. Moving heavy appliances is a daunting task that can result in smashed fingers and toes if you’re not careful.

When you move appliances, the goal is to use your back as little as possible. That’s where all of those specialized moving tools come in. Secure small and medium items to the dolly with straps. For bulkier pieces, make use of your sliders or towels to reduce friction.

Regarding helpers, you’ll need one person per 100 pounds of weight on any given item, and an extra person to supervise. This will reduce the chances of scraping a wall or damaging an appliance.

Hire Help

If you still feel unsure of how to move appliances and you have room in the budget, consider hiring a professional moving company. You may find that the price difference is minimal, especially when you factor in your time, moving supplies, and truck rental.

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