A move to the suburbs can seem like a step back in time. Get ready for a slower-paced lifestyle with more open spaces, luscious landscaping, and a family-friendly vibe.

Suburban living is right for many folks — but you don’t have to buy that minivan just yet. How do you know if you’re a good candidate for the ‘burbs? Check out our handy tips to see if a move to the suburbs could be in your near future.

How to Decide When to Move to the Suburbs

Dreaming of suburbia? Read through this list of variables to consider before you pull the trigger.

Evaluate your needs.

A move to the suburbs isn’t for everyone. Are you ready for a suburban lifestyle? You’ll experience a totally different vibe than you do in the city. Creating a pros and cons list can be helpful, as well as plotting your life goals and thinking about a timeline.

If you have a family, their happiness could hang in the balance. Make sure you know all about the school districts, health care, and recreational options in your desired area.

Take a look at your finances.

Many people assume that living in the suburbs is significantly cheaper than city living. While it’s true that suburban housing is generally more affordable, you should ask yourself a few questions before making a decision:

  • Will I be buying or renting a larger house than the one I currently have?
  • Are local businesses more upscale than the ones I currently frequent?
  • Will I need to buy a car?
  • Can I afford the difference in gas, tolls, etc.?

Think about your commute.

In a sprawling metropolitan area such as Houston, a move to the suburbs could mean tacking quite a few miles onto your commute. Depending on where you work or go to school, you could be facing construction or traffic jams on a regular basis. Are you prepared to drive for an extended period of time to get where you’re going?

Nail down your wish list.

Once you’ve sorted through all the aspects above, it’s time to narrow down your must-haves. First, there are several large suburbs on the outskirts of Houston. Visit each one that meets your needs and get a feel for the area. You may even find that two or more locations would work equally well.

Beyond that, decide if you’ll be renting or buying. It’s helpful to make a list of what you’re looking for in a home or apartment — square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and so on. From there, you should contact a realtor who can help you get started with your search.

Hire professional local movers.

If you’re ready to make your move to the suburbs, it’s important to hire the right moving company. At Ameritex, we’ve been industry leaders for over 15 years. We’re passionate about streamlining the moving process, providing outstanding service to our Greater Houston Area clients, and bettering our community.

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