Moving scams — they’re not the norm, but they do happen. Unfortunately, there are many dishonest moving companies out there who try to take advantage of people going through this major life change. You hope it doesn’t happen to you, but what if you fall victim to a moving scam?

The good news is that you can take steps to fight back and learn how to prevent hiring a disreputable moving company in the first place. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about moving scams, as well as what to do if you are affected by one.

What Happens During a Moving Scam?

Moving scams come in all shapes and sizes, but the end goal is the same: to get an exorbitant amount of money out of an individual. Generally, this happens when the moving company quotes a low rate but marks up the price after the fact. They could claim your belongings go above the agreed-upon rate. Or, they might heap on unforeseen charges. Some companies have also been known to hold your belongings hostage until you pay the extra charge. 

Whatever the case, it’s important to know how to protect your move, as well as the types of movers to avoid before you hire a moving company.

What Can I Do?

First of all, don’t blame yourself. It’s important to know that in 1995, the U.S. government deregulated the moving industry. That made it simple for dishonest individuals to make a quick buck at the expense of unsuspecting clients.

Here are a few ways to move forward once you’ve experienced a moving scam:

  1. Register your complaint with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the Texas Attorney General’s office.
  2. Contact the Southwest Movers’ Association, as they have a vested interest in cracking down on scammers.
  3. Alert local media and police, particularly if the scammers are holding your possessions hostage.

How To Find an Honest Moving Company

Most people fall victim to moving scams in an effort to save money. However, choosing the right moving company doesn’t have to cost you. It’s entirely possible to hire a reputable mover and stay on budget.

To locate a trustworthy moving company, try the following methods:

  • Reach out to friends, coworkers, and relatives for referrals.
  • Ask your realtor who he or she would recommend.
  • Check with MovingScam and the Southwest Movers’ Association to find a list of approved movers in your area.

From here, read contracts carefully and get a thorough estimate. Ask detailed questions, especially if you need to trim costs. Make sure your movers know your exact needs.

Don’t let the fear of a moving scam keep you from trusting your future movers. With some time and diligence, you can find an honest moving company who will take care of all your needs.

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