Reduce Stress When Moving
Moving is in the top ten most stressful life events that we all will go through at some point in our lifetime. The anxiety of packing, parting with coveted items, dealing with children, handling finances and still managing day-to-day tasks can and will overwhelm anyone who is not prepared ahead of time. We have all heard the adage, “When you fail the plan, you plan to fail.” In this case, when you fail to plan your move, you plan to add more stress than necessary. So, we made a quick list of things to do that will remove a good bit of stress when moving.

How to Beat Moving Stress

  1. Time management – For those who are lucky enough to know they are moving a few months or weeks in advance, there should be no reason to wait until the last minute to start packing and dealing with moving. But this is the case, majority of the time. To start using time more efficiently, start creating a list of things to do, pack, and numbers to have on standby. Also, get packing materials early in the moving process so there are no last minute trips to find just the right box.
  2. Start packing early – Pack off-season clothing first. If the current season is spring or summer, pack fall and winter clothing first. Keep working clothes and toiletries available, but with their boxes or suitcases on hand so they can be packed with ease when the time comes. If you must, act as if you are living in a hotel and keep only the necessities around.  If you have children, have them pack the necessities too and keep out only a few toys to play with. If it is a must to play with more toys, only allow them to swap toys out of the boxes. Remember to also think of your furry friends and make them a box too with some food, water and a toy or two.
  3. Spring clean – It does not matter if it’s winter time, if you are moving, chances are you have some clutter somewhere than can go somewhere else. You need to be able to say goodbye to items and move on.  Get a few boxes just for clothing donations and giveaways.  Throw it away or recycle it if it’s unusable and if you have a few weeks to spare, hold an “Everything Must Go” garage sale!
  4. Get help – There is nothing wrong with asking for assistance for your move. It is a very common thing to ask and people do it all of the time.  Ask family, friends and/or neighbors to help with medium to bigger sized items.  Have some refreshments available such as water, iced tea or lemonade, and some lunch would be nice too, if it is within your budget. Better yet… instead of having to spend all that money and playing host and hostess too… become the boss and hire Ameritex Movers to help do the packing and moving for you.
  5. Get rest! – Getting the proper rest and sleep helps to reduce stress. During this particular time in your life, you need a full eight hours of good sleep to function better during the day, especially if you are working a full-time job in the mornings and preparing to move in the evenings.

This is not a full comprehensive list of things to do to help alleviate stress when moving, but if you look at the five items; they all correlate to managing your time wisely and being organized. Make proper use of the time you have to move, have a plan in place with the steps organized and everything else on moving day will align more smoothly.