Moving - Stressful Things People Go Through
Moving: Rated 3rd Most Stressful Thing a Person has to go Through in Life besides Death and Divorce
Here’s a not-so-fun fact: moving has been rated as the third more stressful thing a person can go through in life apart from death and divorce. As morbid as it sounds, it is not as surprising because a lot of people who move find it to be the most daunting and tedious of tasks. All that packing, leaving items behind for lack of storage, hassle, loading, unloading, unpacking – talk about stressful!

What are the Most Stressful Life Events?

In fact, another study conducted via survey on the topic tells us that 61% of the adults who have moved in the past 3 years consider moving homes to be more stressful than break ups, divorces, and even new jobs. They say it takes about 3 months for the stress of moving to subside – people start planning a month before moving, selling stuff they don’t need, preparing items and dealing with the inevitable nearing move date then the actual move that involves packing, cleaning home, changing address, loading/unloading, and transporting can take anywhere between two weeks to a month. Then there’s the post-move stuff that includes adjusting to a new place, unpacking, buying immediate essentials like food, settling in, setting up items, and all that takes up to a month as well. Thus, approximately 3 months of stress are included in packing.

Houston Movers

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