Maybe you’ve dreamed about moving to a big city since childhood, or perhaps it’s work that brings you to the Greater Houston Area. Whatever the case, making a move from small-town living to a bustling metropolis doesn’t have to be stressful. Keep reading to find out how to make moving to a big city simple and intuitive.

How to Get Around When Moving to a Big City

In a large metropolitan area like Houston, traffic varies depending on where you’re located. That said, it’s best to avoid Houston rush hour traffic when possible — from about 7 to 9 a.m., and again around 5 to 7 p.m. If you can leave for your destination a little early or late to avoid these peak times, that’s ideal. If not, don’t sweat it. Take the extra time to listen to a favorite podcast or a new audiobook.

What Are Your Housing Options?

Don’t put off apartment or house hunting. Houston real estate tends to fly off the market, so start shopping as soon as you know you’re moving.

Homes are generally more expensive than apartments, so be sure to take that into consideration when you’re making a budget. If you’re strapped, look into options like living with roommates or settling down in the Houston outskirts.

How To Find a Job in a Big City

In a city with 2.2 million residents, competition for jobs can get intense. Fortunately, our economy is still going strong — but it means that you’ll likely have to hustle a little more in your job search.

As with housing, starting early is key. Use every avenue you have available, like local alumni associations, acquaintances from social media, recruiting companies, and good old-fashioned networking.

Metropolitan Cost of Living

Most people understand that prices increase with proximity to any major metropolitan area. In Houston, expenses vary a bit with location. Communities like Memorial, The Woodlands, and Greater Heights are known for being pricier.

If you wish to live in an area that’s not exactly budget-friendly, you can often make it work by driving farther to save money. For instance, it’s quite possible to reside in Hedwig Village and have your dog groomed in the Energy Corridor.

Creating Community

Once you’ve met your housing and financial needs, it’s time to quickly shift gears and work on building a network in your new city. Making friends is paramount to your emotional and mental health. But when you’re used to small-town living, creating meaningful friendships in a place like Houston can be intimidating.

First, make a point to meet your neighbors — proximity alone can form lasting bonds. Pepper in some acquaintances from work whom you’d like to know better. And seek out folks whose interests align with yours, like book clubs, sports leagues, foodie groups, and churches.

Are You Moving?

If you’re moving to a big city for the first time, professional local movers can make that transition easier. With over 15 years in the industry, Ameritex is a top name in Houston movers. We handle all moves with the utmost care, and we’re here to provide you with a Stress-Free Move.

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