You’ve spent weeks finding the perfect home, packing up all of your belongings, and coordinating your move. But what happens when it’s finally time to begin unpacking? Packing an overnight box with moving day essentials is a helpful way to ensure the whole first day runs smoothly.

From bed linens to bottled water, read on for some ideas on what to have on-hand when you first arrive at your new home.

9 Must-Haves for Your Overnight Box

1. Tools

The most important tool for your first day is a box cutter. Keep at least two of them at the ready so you can dig into the unpacking process with a family member, friend, or roommate. Also pack a set of screwdrivers, a multitool, and a flashlight, just in case.

2. Paper Goods

Paper towels and toilet tissue are obvious essentials for your overnight box, so be sure to have them available. Pizza delivery on your first night at home? Paper plates and disposable cups will keep you from digging through boxes of dishes for your first few meals. Be sure to pack a few trash bags and disinfectant wipes to make cleanup even easier.

3. Clothing and Linens

Bedtime will be a breeze if you pack a set of sheets and blankets for each bed so they are easily reachable. Also pack towels, pajamas, and a set of clothes for the next day for each person in the home.

4. Toiletries

Include hand soap, hand sanitizer, shampoo, moisturizer, toothbrushes and toothpaste, shower gel, contact solution, and any other essential sundries in your overnight box.

5. Medications and First Aid Supplies

Have prescription medications, as well as allergy and pain medications, packed and ready to go. Cuts and scrapes can happen at any time, so be sure to keep a first aid kit handy for any accidents that occur during your move.

6. Pet Supplies

Our furry friends need supplies on moving day, too. Pack a small zip-top bag of enough food for a day or two, their food and water dishes, leashes and collars, bedding, and any favorite toys.

7. Baby Supplies

Diapers, wipes, a couple of clean bottles, pacifiers, teething toys, and any other necessary items for the baby should be at the ready on moving day. Moving is a big change for babies and young children, so bring along anything that will keep them entertained, as well.

8. Phone/Tablet Chargers

Phone calls to family, friends, contractors, and service providers will take their toll on your phone’s battery on moving day, so be sure to have all cell phone chargers, tablet chargers, and any other essential tech gadgets easily accessible.

9. Water and Snacks

Hydration is key, so leave room in your box for bottled water, and remember to drink plenty as you go. Throw in some snacks to help keep you going.

Need Help Moving?

Unpacking can feel overwhelming for the first day or two of a move, but an overnight box of essentials will save you time and energy on your first day in your new home. Save yourself even more stress by hiring professional movers! Call us at 713-484-6683 to get started.

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