For creative home solutions, you just can’t beat Pinterest. If you’re not using this social sharing site yet for ideas, you seriously need to get on board. With its innovative ways to organize helpful tips and new ideas, there’s no better place to look up inspiration for the home. In fact, “Pinterest home hacks” is a top trending search on Google.

Did you know Ameritex Movers is on Pinterest, too? That’s right — you can follow us for tips on everything from moving and packing to home organization. We love Pinterest home hacks, and here are some of our very favorites — including ones we’ve tried firsthand!

12 Best Pinterest Home Hacks

Cleaning Hacks

1. Did you know you can use Coca-Cola to clean your toilets? How about a lemon wedge to clean your faucets? Read about these tips and so much more here.

2. We all understand that Magic Erasers are, well, magic. This pin discusses 15 surprising ways to get the most out of that wonderful little piece of foam.

3. For the truly germ-conscious, here is a list of the dirtiest things in your home. You’re welcome.

Organization Hacks

1. First up, our very own must-try tricks for home organization. These are great hacks for making your life just a little bit easier.

2. If you’re a fan of DIY decor, you’ll love these super cute ideas for organizing your bathroom.

3. Give us ALL the Command Hook hacks. We spent an entire day experimenting with the most popular suggestions. Check out our results: 

Hacks for Kids

1. What could be more important than ensuring your child’s safety? For the best childproofing ideas, read through this pin.

2. This idea for preserving your little one’s artwork is enough to melt any parent’s heart.

3. Want to really wow your kids? Use this pin to create your very own drive-in movie theater from the comfort of home.

Home Office Hacks

1. We are swooning over this giant chalkboard calendar wall decal. You’ll never get your dates mixed up again.

2. With a little help, you can make your home office look like a designer space. This pin is the motherload of nifty ideas for pretty organization.

3.Command centers are all the rage right now, especially for busy families. Check out this pin for tons of inspo.

The ideas we listed above will keep you busy for a while, but that’s just the beginning. Make sure you connect with Ameritex Movers on Pinterest for our latest Pinterest home hacks.

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