Is your house a smart home? Smart homes are all the rage lately — and for good reason. Imagine being able to unlock your door with a simple voice command, dim your lights from the comfort of your sofa, or see who’s at your door when you aren’t even home. All of this and more is now at your fingertips.

Setting up your smart home doesn’t have to break the bank or complicate things. Simply decide what you want and which products best fit your lifestyle.

The Basics of Setting up a Smart Home

Virtual Assistant

First up, you need to pick your basic means of control. Your personal preferences will influence your choice — and there’s a good chance you already have access to one of these options. Choose from models like Amazon’s Echo or Alexa, Google’s Assistant, or Apple’s Siri.

One thing to note — the virtual assistant you select dictates which smart products you can use. Make sure you do your homework before deciding.


Next, consider how you will protect your home and family. Security systems these days are top-notch. You can tailor your system to your specific needs, choosing options like monitoring and police notification. Look into Arlo Pro, Nest Cam, or iSmartAlarm, among others.

Interested in more security gadgets? Smart locks give you the convenient option of locking and unlocking your doors from anywhere. With a smart doorbell, you can both see and communicate with your visitors. Finally, security cameras allow you to check on family members and pets when you’re not home and give you backlog videos in case of emergency.


Modern lighting has come a long way. Thanks to smart technology, you can change your lighting from almost anywhere. Starter kits — like Lutron’s Caseta Wireless Dimmers — make it simple to get started with a lighting system that you can control through your virtual assistant.

If you don’t need anything super fancy, you can install a smart switch to control a few lamps. You can even install smart shades like Soma, perfect for those hard-to-reach windows or when the sun changes position.


Here comes the fun part. You get to pick the products that provide extra pampering and simplify your life even more. For starters, a smart thermostat like Nest will maintain your ideal home temperature, as well as save on electric bills. You get to feel good about doing your part to conserve energy while reaping the benefits in your budget. On top of that, it’s also a pretty decor piece!

Use your virtual assistant to control cleaning aids like the life-changing Roomba vacuum. Gone are the days of spending hours sweeping and mopping. Instead, come home to spotless floors.

With some time and money upfront, your smart home can more than pay for itself. In addition, you’ll increase your real estate value and marketability should you ever wish to sell. A well-designed smart home is an investment you’ll enjoy for years to come.

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