What comes to mind when you think about how to tell your kids they’re moving? Maybe it’s sadness and tears. Or it’s a screaming fit, complete with door-slamming. Possibly, in a perfect world, it’s sheer excitement. In any case, you need a game plan. Keep reading to find out the best tips on how to tell your kids they’re moving.

Breaking the News: Tell Your Kids They’re Moving

Of course, no two families are alike, but these strategies should work across the board.

Tell them as soon as possible.

As soon as your move is certain, plan to tell your kids. Try not to tell other adults in their lives beforehand. If the kids ask, you want to be able to assure them that they’re the first to know.  One slip-up could lead to your children finding out from someone other than you.

Speak with respect and kindness.

Even if your kiddos are very small, they understand much more than you think — down to your tone and the intention behind it. Before you begin speaking, consider their feelings and adjust your message as needed.

You can even practice beforehand. Get on their level, use language they’ll understand, and gently break the news.

Stay calm but firm.

Know in advance that you might be facing tears, protests, and even anger from your children. It’s important to prepare yourself for any sort of response. Let them know, lovingly, that the move is happening and it’s non-negotiable. Respect their feelings and give them a chance to cool off, if needed.

Give details.

Just like adults, kids want to know detailed information about such a big change in their lives. Here are some key talking points you should include:

  • Why you’re moving
  • When you’re leaving
  • Where you’ll be living
  • What the new house is like
  • What you plan to bring along
  • How this will affect school, activities, and friends

Be open and listen.

Unless they’re very small, your kids will definitely have some questions. Try to be as understanding as possible. Answer all of their questions honestly and to the best of your ability. If you don’t know the answer to something, tell them you’ll find out — and then do it. This type of exchange builds trust, and you’ll be thankful you invested the time in it.

Talk about it often.

Make moving a regular part of your family discussions. Keep the conversation light and fun. “Hey Janie, have you thought about what color you’d like to paint your room in the new house?” will go over a lot better than discussions about her first day at a new school.

Foster togetherness.

Moving with your family should first and foremost be an adventure. Make plans for when you move in, like finding the best local restaurants, visiting historical sites, or taking fun day trips. Use the experience as an opportunity to bond with your kids. Given time, they’ll pick up on your efforts and respond with acceptance or even excitement.

It’s never easy to tell your kids they’re moving. But if you follow the strategies above, you can turn a stressful situation into a learning and bonding experience.

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