Sometimes we just outgrow our current homes and it’s time to move on up. Perhaps you’ve added to your family since then. Or maybe you have multiple generations living with you now. If you’re feeling a little crowded, it might be time to think about a bigger home.

Still, upsizing is a big decision. There are many factors to mull over as you make your choice. How do you know when the time is right? Keep reading to find out what you should consider before buying or renting a bigger home.

Upsizing Into a Bigger Home

Know what you can afford.

First of all, crunch the numbers. Don’t forget about these key components:

  • Equity in your current home
  • Closing costs
  • Moving expenses
  • Change in property taxes and home insurance
  • Any renovations you need to complete

Know your max budget, and don’t even look at a home that’s out of reach. You’ll save yourself a lot of disappointment that way.

Think about floor plans.

It’s important to understand why you need a bigger home. Specifically, what do you need more of? Square footage? Bedrooms? Space? All of this depends on your family or living situation.

From there, think about the individual rooms. What kind of layout are you looking for? For instance, parents with infants may want a nursery close to the master suite. But on the other hand, multi-generational families might need a separate living space upstairs. Many people simply desire a larger, more open space. Make a list of the aspects you have in mind.

Consider location.

When you’re upsizing, budget restrictions often require you to look outside your current location. It’s likely that you’ll have to look for homes in different market areas. If you’re willing to go farther out from city center, you can probably afford more house.

Keep resale value in mind.

Lastly, you should start researching trends for home buying in your area. When you go beyond a starter home, you’re making a bigger investment — and you can’t afford to be wrong. It’s wise to buy a home that will sell easily if you ever need to move.

A bigger home isn’t for everyone. But if your family is too close for comfort in your current place, upsizing could be the answer.

What’s My Next Step?

Get in touch with a good realtor who knows the area you’re interested in. And start thinking about hiring professional movers like Ameritex. We can help even before your listing goes up.

Here are some ways your movers can assist before you sell your home:

  • Help you move items to storage
  • Rearrange large furniture to show your home off to its best advantage
  • Move furniture into your home for staging purposes

And when you’re ready to complete your final move, Ameritex Movers can take care of all the details. We’re the top choice for professional movers in Houston, and we strive to make every move stress-free.

Call us at 713.484.6683 to get started!