Are you currently debating between moving during the week or on the weekend? When it comes to scheduling a moving day, many people automatically assume they’ll move over the weekend. But did you know that weekday moves can actually be easier, faster, and potentially more economical? Keep reading to find out the good, the bad, and the ugly of weekday vs. weekend moves.

Pros and Cons of Weekday Vs. Weekend Moves

While every move is different, most of the following information holds true across the board. Check out our pros and cons of weekday vs. weekend moves. 

Weekday Moves

The Pros

Parking is better. While everyone in your neighborhood is away at work or school, you’ll have much of the street  — or parking lot — to yourself. Less neighbor activity gives the movers easier access to your home, which saves time and money.

Most businesses are open. If you need to contact one of your utility providers, it’s much easier to do so on a weekday when you know they’re open.

You might save a buck. It’s no secret that weekends are prime time for moving, but business can be slower Monday through Friday. Some moving companies will give you a discounted rate if you book on a weekday.

The Cons

You may forfeit a vacation day — or two. In some fields, it’s nearly impossible to schedule a day off. And if you’re a part-time or contract employee, you’ll lose out on potential pay.

You’ll need to plan around peak traffic. Rush hour is a real problem in many parts of Houston. To avoid traffic jams and increased fees, plan around the morning and evening rush, as well as school dismissal.

Weekend Moves

The Pros

It’s convenient with most schedules. If you have some notice, scheduling a weekend move shouldn’t be a problem. And you won’t have to rearrange your schedule — not to mention your family’s — to complete it.

You can meet your neighbors. One huge plus about moving on a weekend is that your neighbors will likely be out and about. It’s also nice to have an excuse to stop and chat for a few minutes here and there.

There’s less pressure to unpack in a rush. Moving on a Saturday is ideal for many people, especially when you have your entire Sunday to get a jump start on unpacking.

Friends and family might be able to help. While you can’t plan an entire move around potential help, it’s nice to know that your tribe can help out if needed. And weekends are obviously more convenient for those volunteers.

The Cons

Movers book up quickly. For last-minute moves, it can be tricky to schedule your movers on a weekend.

Communication with utility or repair companies can be problematic. It’s not uncommon to have issues upon moving in. But since some companies are unavailable over the weekend, you might be out of luck until Monday rolls around.

After you decide on a weekday vs. weekend move, be sure to get in touch with professional local movers like Ameritex. We’re available seven days a week to schedule your move. Give us a call at 713.484.6683 to get started.