When it comes to packing for a move, it’s not black and white. Instead, it’s a little more colorful than that! Color coding is a great way to easily and visually communicate where everything should go on move day. This is a huge help for the movers setting up your new place because it gets everyone on the same page.

That said, the key to successful color coding is being consistent. This starts at your old place and carries over into your new home. Check out the infographic below to show you how to incorporate the best color coding practices into your next move.

how to color code your move

How to Color Code Your Move

Make a color code chart and stick to it. Choose one color per room, and don’t mix up your colors. For example, if the master bedroom is purple, do not put any purple labels on your kitchen wares. On your color code chart, you should break it up by room and list everything you’re bringing with you from that room. Make sure you indicate on your chart which color matches the room! Print out a few copies, then get to work.

Then, at your new house, post signs around each room indicating which color matches it. Make sure these signs are easily visible for the movers — post them on the doors or walls. This way, when the movers see boxes with colored labels, they know which room to bring them to. This saves you the stress from playing director on move day.

And lastly, have a color code party! Label everything, including furniture if possible. Use markers, tags, stickers — you name it. Make sure to add your labels on all sides of the boxes so they’re easily visible. Crank your moving playlist and get to work!

Watch Beth and Bun-ee teach you how the pros color code.