If it’s moving time, then it’s also decluttering time. The fact of the matter is that you’re not going to bring everything you own with you. Getting rid of things you no longer want, need, or use makes moving easier and more affordable. Check out the infographic below to learn more about how to declutter your home before a move.

how to declutter before a move infographic

How to Declutter

When it comes to decluttering for a move, it’s good to follow the one-for-one rule. That entails getting rid of one item for every item you decide to keep. Here are some more ideas on how to make decluttering stress-free:

1. Work one room at a time. Don’t overwhelm yourself and try to do everything at once. Instead, simply handle one room at a time. If that’s too much, try to just start with a closet or zone of a room. Then, work your way up.

2. Try not to be sentimental. Embrace a minimalist viewpoint and try to separate memories from possessions. Just because you don’t have that teddy bear anymore doesn’t mean you lose the warm, fuzzy memories you have of it. If you’re struggling to decide whether you should keep, donate, or toss an item, a decision-making flowchart can help.

3. Clean as you go. Save your cleaning supplies for last when you’re packing your things up to move. Right after you finish decluttering an area is a great time to clean it.

Benefits of Decluttering

Decluttering before you move helps take the stress off of you. A tidy, open space puts the mind at ease and helps you relax. Decluttering makes moving easier, too. With fewer items to move, you save time and money. Your movers will work fewer hours, and the weight of your belongings in the moving truck will be less when you move out of a decluttered home.

Make it a habit to declutter your life and home regularly. Simple tasks like putting clothes away immediately and washing a dish right after you use it prevents things from building up and creating a mountain of a mess.

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