As many jokes start, how can you tell someone grew up in Houston? Well, we have some unique traits that separate us from the rest of the state and beyond. And contrary to popular belief, that doesn’t even include wearing cowboy boots to work.

You’re bound to nod in agreement as you read through the following list and recognize some familiarities that just might apply to you. And if you’re not from here, reading about our city is a great way to get your feet wet. You’ll be living like a native Houstonian in no time!

15 Signs You Grew Up in Houston

1. You can spell and pronounce the word “Kuykendahl.” For non-locals, it’s KERR-ken-doll.

2. You understand that traffic is a way of life. That’s why the HOV lane is such a gift for carpoolers.

3. You consider Tex-Mex to be a main food group. It’s cheap, it’s delicious, and it’s available anywhere in the city.

4. You live for the Houston Rodeo. As soon as the concert lineup comes out, you’re busy buying tickets and planning outfits.

5. You plan your hairstyle around the humidity. By the time June rolls around, a blowout simply isn’t enough.

6. You know that Houston includes every suburb from Katy to Kingwood. And what’s more, each of these areas continues to grow like crazy.

7. You have a hurricane closet. At the very least, you keep bottled water and a full gas tank once August hits.

8. You expect to see instructions in both English and Spanish. Frankly, taking French in high school didn’t even occur to you.

9. You didn’t have to leave home to attend college. Why would you, with Rice University, the University of Houston, and Houston Baptist University practically in your backyard?

10. You take yearly bluebonnet pics. And so does everyone else you know.

11. You start wearing shorts in March. Not every day — but it’s still a regular wardrobe staple by then.

12. You know you’ll need to drag out your winter clothes at least once after that. Yet somehow, everyone seems shocked by the weather change.

13. You have friends and neighbors from all over. There’s a reason we’re among the most diverse cities in the country.

14. You understand that H-E-B is the best grocery store ever. They sell Whataburger ketchup. Need we say more?

15. Your love for the Astros knows no bounds. And you proudly wear your jersey to work during the playoffs.

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