Houston is one of the most beautiful, unique and diverse cities in the world. Whether you want to go fishing in Galveston, shopping in the Galleria, or just have a great cup of coffee in Rice Village, Houston is one of the most accessible and easy to enjoy cities around.

If you’re moving to Houston, you should be ready to expose yourself to the numerous foods, cultural and natural delights that it has to offer. While any Houston experience should be personalized to what you like in particular, here are some ideas to start with:

1. Shopping in Houston

If you like to shop till you drop, Houston has you covered. The Galleria has every store imaginable with lots of small boutiques just blocks away. Houston should be the style capital of Texas with so many different cultures; everyone has their own unique look. I know the people in Austin might think they are more in style, but all we’ve heard of Austin is “keep it weird”. We still love you guys! You will be working with our Stress-Free Houston moving companies if you want to relocate!

2. Houston Food Options

Houston offers everything from fried chicken and waffles to sushi, from Vietnamese to Ethiopian. It also offers some of the best examples of traditional American food, like burgers, BBQ and Steaks. Some particular foods can be found in particular neighborhoods, such as Westchase, Rice Village, Montrose, The Galleria, Midtown whereas others can be found on any particular street. No matter what the type of food or its location, though, you’re certain to find something enjoyably flavorful.

3. Things to Do in Houston

Houston offers a diverse selection of places to go. On any given night, the city plays host to artists playing music from rock to folk to country in its dozens of clubs and venues. Additionally, for the young or those still young at heart, the bars and restaurants throughout the city sport beer, wine and liquor menus that will satisfy even the keenest aficionado.

4. Local Architecture

Houston boasts some of the most distinctive and beautiful architecture in Texas. Whether it’s The Williams Tower in the Galleria, any reveler should take time to simply walk around and wonder at its size and enjoy the nearby park with its’ waterfall. If you’re in Downtown at night, we recommend the JPMorgan Chase Bank Building; it looks like an old mid-evil castle. There are numerous other buildings that’ll grab your attention; you just have to keep any eye out!

5. Houston Sports

The Houston Astros play in a gorgeous ballpark located in Downtown with plenty do around it. The Houston Rockets basketball Stadium is also in Downtown Houston, very close to the baseball stadium. Houston has a very fun to watch Football Team called the Houston Texans. Their stadium is in the Med Center and the tailgate parties are some of the best in the NFL. Bring your appetite. Houston’s other “football” team the Houston Dynamos are very a resilient group of soccer players that offer excitement with every kick! Any way you look at it, Houston has some sort of team to cheer for and be a part of.

6. Best Parks

Houston has a number of parks throughout the city, each with their own unique offerings. Sam Houston Park is a park located in downtown Houston, Texas, and is dedicated to the buildings and culture of Houston’s historic past. Discovery Green is a 12-acre park created by a public-private partnership between the City of Houston and the non-profit Discovery Green Conservancy. In its first three years, the park welcomed more than three million visitors and hosted more than 800 public and private events. Finally, Hermann Park, presented to the City of Houston by George Hermann in 1914, is one of Houston’s most popular and historically significant public green spaces. Located in the heart of Houston, the 445-acre park has been an important resource for Houstonians for generations, and is celebrated as a place that has always welcomed diversity and fostered a strong sense of community among its patrons. Over the years, the Houston Zoo, Miller Outdoor Theatre, the Houston Museum of Natural Science, Houston Garden Center, and Hermann Park Golf Course have all added to the Park’s significance as an unparalleled recreational destination.

So with all to do and see in Houston, spend your time wisely and let us do the hard work when it comes to your next move. Give us a call and spend more of your valuable time at the Houston Zoo, or eating a hot dog at the next Astros game.

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