How to Fold a Fitted Sheet Properly
When you’re moving homes or apartments, you want to conserve as much space as possible so obviously, crumpling up those fitted sheets and stuffing them somewhere for the move doesn’t work. Don’t worry though – there are a few easy steps that you can follow to properly fold a fitted sheet:

  1. Begin by taking the sheet (obviously!) and holding it by taking the two corners of the shorter edge. Make sure to hold by taking the corners of the same shorter edge line (one head-side corner and one foot-side corner).
  2. Place a hand in each of the corner – it should be possible since you’re holding the sheet inside out.
  3. Bring one hand with sheet towards the other and fit it upon one corner, hence freeing one of your hands. You should now have a somewhat folded messy drape on one arm.
  4. Now grab another corner that should be falling at your feet, without having removing the drape on your arm so then you should have two corners in both hands again (one with the folded-over drape and the one you just picked up).
  5. Now take the corner you just picked up and tuck it BETWEEN the drape on your arm. There should be space for it since you folded over two corners in one.
  6. You should have one last corner left now. Pick that up in your hand.
  7. Just like before, tuck this corner into the drape as well.
  8. If you hold the drape with both hands and gently shake it out you should have a square. Don’t worry if it isn’t completely neat.
  9. Place the sheet on a flat surface to smooth it out. The section that is draped still over your arm folds on to the now-lying sheet, as does another side, thereby forming an L shape with the fitted edges.
  10. Clear away as many wrinkles as possible.
  11. Easily fold the flat sheet onto itself, forming a neat square or rectangle as you please.