Packing a large home can be overwhelming. With a big house, there is plenty of room for your belongings. That said, more storage space simply leads to accumulating more stuff. This can get stressful, but if you organize your packing and give yourself plenty of time, it doesn’t have to be. Here’s the best way to pack your house for moving.

How to Pack a Large Home for a Move

If you are handling this yourself, the most important thing is to leave plenty of time. There’s nothing quite as stress-inducing as tons of work on a tight deadline. At least a month in advance, you should start by creating a packing list.

After constructing the list, it’s time for the great purge. Put your organization hat on, and get ready to play a long game of keep-trash-donate. With a large home, you likely have it filled with a lot of stuff. Be sure to not rush this process. Take your time and do it thoughtfully.

If you can spare the space, choose one room to use as a designated packing area. This is where you can keep all of your moving supplies and pack your boxes for the move.

Check out the infographic below to make large home moving stress-free.

packing a large home infographic


Professional Moving and Packing Assistance

If you have a large home and are feeling the stress of packing and moving, the Ameritex team is waiting for your call. Our professional packers and movers can complete your moving and packing in hours, not weeks. In addition to working quickly and efficiently, they know exactly how to keep your valuable possessions safe, protected, and damage-free. To learn more about moving with Ameritex, give our friendly office staff a call. They’re standing by. As always, for a free moving quote, just fill out the form above for an easy estimate.