When it comes to long distance apartment hunting, traditional wisdom would suggest a mountain of research. And while you should definitely learn as much as possible about your new city, searching the Web is just not always enough. You need advice from folks who are on the ground and know the area. There’s a reason you’ve heard to never sign a lease before seeing the property in person.

Read on to learn some strategies to help you find the perfect new apartment while you search from out of town.

Long Distance Apartment Hunting Made Easy

1. Find an Experienced Realtor

A good real estate agent is invaluable in your long distance apartment hunting adventure. Your agent will know the best neighborhoods and be able to match listings with your specific needs. Also, he or she will have access to hot listings — those that come on the market and go quickly, even within a few hours.

If you decide to use a real estate agent, do your research and find one with a good reputation in your destination city. In addition, lay out your expectations as well as features that would be nice to have. Tell your realtor about necessities like a short commute, a dog-friendly community, or an on-site gym. This will save you both time in the search.

2. Use Your Friends and Employer As Resources

One wonderful aspect of social media is instant access to acquaintances from all over the country. Post an inquiry to see if any of your friends live in your new area. From there, you can ask questions about the most desirable areas to live, as well as reasonable expectations for rent and amenities.

Your future employer is another great resource. Don’t hesitate to get in touch and ask for advice or leads on housing. You may find that the company has some great perks or smart ideas regarding relocation.

3. Ask For Video

A video tour is an extremely helpful way to scope out a potential apartment. Request that the landlord walk you through the property via Skype or FaceTime. Pictures can be deceiving, but a video will give you a better feel for the place. You can also use the time to chat with the landlord about policies, the neighborhood, and other questions you have.

4. Consider a Short-Term Lease or Sublet

It’s impossible to get a true feel for a new city without living there for a while. Don’t be in a rush to find the perfect place. While you may love your new apartment and decide to extend your lease, that’s not always the case. Once you’re settled, you might fall in love with a completely different part of town.

That’s why taking over someone’s lease — or renting for only 3-6 months — could work out better for relocation. Look into sites like Sublet, Nestio, or National Corporate Housing.

Don’t stress too much over your long distance apartment hunt. It’s true that relocation requires a little more legwork, but if you stick with these simple apartment-hunting suggestions, you’ll find a great place to call home.

Are You Relocating?

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