“Finding an apartment is like falling in love,” bestselling author David Sedaris once wrote. But sometimes — whether by cost, location, or noisy neighbors — when the honeymoon is over, it’s time to move on to another apartment.

If you’re one of the 41% of Houston’s rental population, chances are high that you will move apartments at some point in the next few years. Since this isn’t your first rodeo, you’ll no doubt have some educated questions for potential landlords. It’s critical to be extremely thorough. Bring a legal pad and jot down some notes for yourself. You’ll be glad you did, especially if you’re going to be looking at several complexes.

Here are our top 10 questions to get you started:

  1. How safe is the neighborhood?

    You can also check crime levels with your local police department.

  2. Are there any pest problems?

    It’s important to know if regular pest control is included in your rent, especially with Houston’s tropical climate.

  3. What is the noise level due to traffic, passersby, and construction?

    If possible, see the unit during rush hour traffic. That should give you a good idea whether you can stand the noise level. Also, are there train tracks nearby? Ongoing construction? Busy restaurants in the area? All of these are important to observe.

  4. Are there ever hot water shortages?

    No one wants to run out of hot water during a shower. If a complex has a high number of residents and everyone is getting ready for work around the same time, you could run into problems.

  5. Can you get adequate cell phone signal in the units?

    Some units seem to be technological black holes. Be sure to specifically ask about this  — or even better, try it yourself during your tour.

  6. Is it possible to get out of a lease early? Are there fees? Is subletting a possibility?

    Life happens, and any apartment manager worth his or her salt has an answer for this.

  7. What is the procedure in case of a maintenance emergency?

    Management will provide you with information on regular maintenance. But you should also know who to call if something major happens, like a pipe breaking in the middle of the night.

  8. What is parking like?

    Are fees or permits required? What about for guests?

  9. After the lease is up, can you renew or go month-to-month?

    If you’re looking for something long-term, make sure the manager understands that.

  10. What is the guest/pet policy?

    If you have a friend or family member who stays with you often, verify there is no limitation on the number of days per month. Regarding pets, sometimes particular breeds or sizes are off limits. You should be aware of this if you already have a pet, or if you may get one in the future.

What’s Next?

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