Great Snacks to Have Ready for Move Day
The way we see it, when you’ve got movers like us at your service, you should look at moving day more like an exciting vacation to a new place than a hassling move! Let us handle the packing and the loading while you concern yourself with other important things like what to snack on during the road-trip-come-move! Here are a few great move day snacks ideas that you can get before the move to snack on.


Move Day Snacks For Children

• Celery sticks with peanut butter. A no-mess snack, you can easily store celery sticks in a half/quarter filled peanut butter jar.
• Apples and dip. A healthy snack, you can put pieces of apple in a box along with the dip.
• Sandwiches. Amazing healthy snack foods for kids and everyone else!
• Muffins. Filling, easy to store in Ziploc bags, and loved by kids!

For Teenagers/Adults

• Trail mix or dry fruits. All great snacks to munch on as you go.
• Fruits! Ideal for everyone, store cut up pieces of trip-friendly fruits in containers. If you’ve got a cooler, keep them inside and enjoy refreshing, cold fruits.
• Beef jerky. Get some meat without having to create a mess. It’s a great on the go snack.
• Cheese and crackers. Make them easy to eat on the go by preparing “biscuits” out of a combination of two crackers and slice of cheese.

For Elderly Members

• Any of their regular eatables if possible to take in a road trip.
• Wheat biscuits. They’re tasty to eat and healthy.
• Fruits – as mentioned above, they’re great for all!
• Small milk cartons or fresh juices.
Personal Favorites
All of the options work great for trips but if you have any personal favorites then don’t miss out on them, especially if your kids are bound to ask for their favorite snack on the trip. It also helps to have a mini jar of Nutella or jam with some bread for some quick-fix sandwiches.