Most likely you’ve heard some pretty terrifying stories about moving. Unfortunately, they’re not just urban legends — these issues happen all the time. At Ameritex, we encounter far too many clients with previous moving day nightmares.

These are five of the most common problems, and how to avoid them.

5 Moving Day Nightmares and How To Prevent Them

The nightmare: You can’t possibly get everything done in time.

The scenario: It’s the morning of your move. Your boxes are almost packed, but you suddenly realize you’ve forgotten all about your laundry room and your bathroom cabinets. And cleaning? Don’t even go there.

How to prevent it: Start early and use a detailed moving checklist. Set yourself daily and weekly goals from the time you know you’ll be moving.

The nightmare: You’re over budget.

The scenario: Your moving day is going smoothly and according to plan. Then your movers hand you the bill, and it’s shockingly different from the estimate they sent before you booked.

How to prevent it: Well before your move date, determine exactly what you can spend and create a budget. Get an estimate in writing from all of the moving companies you’re considering. Comb through contracts to ensure there are no surprises, and ask the customer service representatives about any additional fees they may charge.

The nightmare: There’s nowhere to park.

The scenario: Everything is on schedule the day of your move, and you’re following the moving truck. You see the truck pull into your new apartment complex. It makes a slow circle, then turns out of the parking lot. There is no parking available.

How to prevent it: This one is simple — get in touch with your leasing agent and let him or her know your moving date. You’ll be able to reserve parking and an elevator if needed. However, a knowledgeable moving company like Ameritex will handle this for you.

The nightmare: You don’t have enough help.

The scenario: Long before moving day, you lined up family and friends to help. You even promised them pizza. But one by one, they called you with small emergencies. And now, on the day of your move, it’s just you and your Uncle Stan.

How to prevent it: Hire the professionals. Even if you can’t afford full-service movers, consider paying for the basics like loading and unloading. This is a worthwhile investment compared to trying to move everything yourself.

The nightmare: Your movers are the worst.

The scenario: As you begin unpacking, you reflect on everything that went wrong with your moving company. They were late, they overcharged you, and they weren’t careful with your belongings. Sure enough, you start to notice nicks on your furniture and a few broken pieces.

How to prevent it: Do your homework — read reviews and check out each company. Get a detailed estimate in writing. And know how to spot a potentially dishonest moving company.

For a smooth moving experience in the Houston area, hire Ameritex Movers. We have over 15 years in the industry, and you won’t have any moving day nightmares when you move with us. A Stress-Free Move is our guarantee.

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