No one likes to be rushed, especially during a move. But sometimes you face the unexpected, and you have to pack your things quickly to meet a deadline. So, how can you keep your sanity while moving in a hurry? Although everyone works differently during the packing process, here are some can’t-miss tips to get you started.

Getting Ready to Pack When You’re Moving in a Hurry

Any move requires preparation. When you’re moving in a hurry, that process is expedited. Keep the following tips in mind as you’re getting started:

Condense Your Belongings

Just a rule of thumb — if you haven’t used something within the past year, toss it or donate. If time allows, sort the remaining items by room or type.

Purchase Packing Supplies

Used boxes are cheaper and more eco-friendly. But when moving in a hurry, it’s better to find a one-stop shop where you can buy all of your packing supplies.

Ameritex Movers offers all the packing and moving supplies you need. What could be easier?

Enlist Help

Friends and family are a great resource, especially if they live nearby. Don’t wait to call in favors — in a last-minute move, every second counts.

When you’re really moving in a hurry, professional movers are the way to go. You can depend on a good moving company to get the job done smoothly. If your budget allows, consider springing for a full-service package, which includes packing and unpacking services.

Best Tips for Last-Minute Packing

Once you’ve finished all the preliminary tasks, it’s time to get down to business.

Here are a few ways to make the packing process go smoothly:

  1. Make a list. If you don’t, you’re bound to forget something. Even if you don’t have time to create the perfect packing list, jot down the areas you’re most likely to overlook.
  2. Don’t stress about organization. Yes, it’s preferable to pack items by room or category. But if you don’t have the time to spare, it’s better to spend it packing properly than agonizing over what belongs where.
  3. Group same-size items together. It doesn’t take long to separate items into piles by size. Make it easy on yourself and limit piles to small, medium, and large. Then you won’t have to think too much about packing order when you’re filling your boxes.
  4. Set a timer. You’d be surprised how much you can get done in an hour here and there. Setting a timer is great motivation when you’re feeling overwhelmed by how much you have to do. Take short breaks often and don’t overload yourself unnecessarily.
  5. Work room by room. Start at one end of your house and pack one room at a time. Don’t get distracted by packing all the curtains at once, for instance. Stay on task and you’ll be done in no time.

Are you staring down the barrel of a last-minute move? Moving professionals like Ameritex can help when you’re moving in a hurry.

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