If you’re moving soon, don’t forget to add a moving sale to your to-do list.

Holding a moving sale is a must for two main reasons. First, it puts money into your pocket, both by selling items and by saving money from not having to move them. Second, it helps you prepare for your move by sorting and minimizing your belongings. Those benefits are well worth the effort.

The trouble is, yard sales are a dime a dozen most weekends. If you don’t plan well, you could end up with a large excess and little profit. So how do you pull off a moving sale that will be a smashing success?

Check out our can’t-miss strategies for planning your moving sale.

Top Five Tips For a Successful Moving Sale

1. Get Organized

Take the opportunity to really condense your belongings. Go room by room and make piles to sell, donate, and trash or recycle.

Be realistic about what will sell. Think from a buyer’s point of view, and only choose items that are desirable and in good shape.

2. Plan Out Your Sale

Keep an eye on the weather, and look at the extended forecast. If there’s a 90% chance of rain, assume the worst and reschedule your sale.  

Decide on details like whether it will span multiple days or include other families. Also consider accepting credit and debit cards through an app like Square, or bank transfers through Venmo. You’ll have to firm up details like these in advance.

3. Make It Attractive

Don’t overwhelm shoppers. Avoid disarray at all costs, even if it means holding your sale over multiple days. Group items together if possible, such as entire outfits or office supply sets. In addition to that, commit to tidying up when things start to look jumbled.

Clearly label prices. Many people skip this step and expect shoppers to ask about prices. But you can lose customers this way, especially if they’re more introverted. It also adds stress to your day by requiring you to remember or invent prices on the spot and interact with every browser who comes your way.

4. Market Like Crazy

Create attractive, eye-catching signs and put them out the night before. This strategy saves you time the morning of and leaves room for last-minute tasks.

Advertise online on Craigslist and area Facebook pages. Include compelling information in your marketing, like if you’re holding a multi-family sale or have any special items. And don’t forget to post lots of pictures on social media!

5. Think Ahead

Some items will sell better on sites like eBay or even through consignment stores. If it’s worth the extra effort, you could make considerably more money than relying solely on your moving sale.

Decide what to do with items that don’t sell. A general rule of thumb is that you don’t allow items that have left the house to come back in. Notify friends, post the items on Freecycle, or haul them to your local thrift store.

Another strategy that can save you time and money is hiring professional Houston movers like Ameritex. We offer a variety of plans for every budget, from basic loading and unloading to full-service moves. We’re here to help make every move stress-free. 

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