Is it moving time yet? Better get ready! Packing and moving is a big undertaking, especially if you’re doing it yourself. If you’re doing a DIY move, or just handling the packing yourself, a key to success is having the right moving supplies in your armory. This makes a major difference in your workload, effort, and stress level.

Check out the infographic below to guide you as you gather the necessary supplies as you prep for your move.

moving supplies infographic


Six Moving Supplies We Can’t Live Without

  1. The classic cardboard box — basically the holy grail of moving supplies. Quality boxes of all different sizes are essential for a smooth move. Need help finding boxes around town? We have plenty of ideas, and we can even show you where to score some free ones in Houston.
  2. Tape. Quality counts here! Get a variety of types of tape, including packing, masking, and duct. You’ll also want to get a tape gun to make your life even easier!
  3. Dollies. These handy wheeled carts or hand trucks will save your back from moving injuries and significant levels of heavy lifting. You can purchase or rent a dolly.
  4. Packing materials are necessary for protecting your fragile items from damage, scrapes, and dings. You can use anything from newspaper to towels to bubble wrap to pad and wrap your belongings. You can get creative and take advantage of the items you already own.
  5. Furniture pads. Blankets and plastic covers keep your furniture from damage and dirt, as well.
  6. Miscellaneous supplies. These are some smaller items that will make your move smooth and stress-free. In addition to the other supplies mentioned earlier, you’ll also want some scissors, box cutters, markers, labels, stickers, gloves, cleaning supplies, and rope.

Need Help Moving?

If you need help moving in the Greater Houston area, call Ameritex Movers. We perform moves all over the Inner and Outer Loop, and can move you with ease into your new digs of any size. Fill out the form on this page for a free moving quote.