There are many reasons why you might be moving to Houston with no job. Perhaps you’re attending school here and need to secure work. Maybe you found the perfect living situation that’s impossible to pass up, closing the gap on a long-distance relationship, or moving closer to family.

Whatever the case, there are a few aspects you should consider. A smart plan will keep you afloat until you find employment. It can be a stressful situation, but fortunately, Houston’s great economy makes the task far from impossible. Before you freak out about moving to Houston without a job, check out these tips and strategies.

Tips for Moving to Houston With No Job

You can certainly move to the Houston area with no preparation. However, most people are uncomfortable moving to a new city without a plan of action. Therefore, it’s wise to begin the following strategies in advance.

1. Build an emergency savings fund.

You’d be surprised how long a modest savings can get you by. Some finance experts recommend putting together a small amount — around $1000. While this strategy can be smart if you’re paying off debt, you need a bigger cushion during a job hunt. We suggest that you create a detailed budget, then put aside at least three months of what it will cost you to live.

2. Network like crazy.

You probably have more contacts in Houston than you think. Look up your Houston acquaintances on social media, and get in touch. Don’t be shy — most people are ready and willing to help out if they can. If you’re a college graduate, tap into your alumni network and see if they have a Houston chapter. Use every avenue possible to get the word out that you’re looking.

3. Research and contact your top companies.

Do your homework and find some of the top Houston organizations in your field. Check out their websites, read about their work culture on sites like Glassdoor, and find out everything about them that you can. If it helps, make a list of your top 10 most desirable employers. From there, you can contact the hiring managers or keep an eye out for job openings.

4. Get help with your search.

No doubt you’ve already combed through job sites like Monster and Indeed. Keep doing this — new job listings go up every day. Job hunting itself can be a full-time job. In addition, you might look into employment recruiters and temp agencies. They will have a better idea of openings, and they should already have working relationships with many top employers.

5. Secure part-time employment.

You can make ends meet temporarily with a part-time job, especially if you have a decent nest egg. The mistake many people make is spending all their free time job searching. While it’s wise to actively look for employment, it’s also important to put food on your table. You may have to hustle for a while until you secure a full-time position.

Moving to Houston without a job doesn’t have to be intimidating. By following the guidelines above, you’ll create a plan of action to help you stay afloat after you move.

Another smart strategy is hiring a professional moving company. Ameritex Movers can guide you each step of the way, no matter your budget or specific needs.

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