Is moving to Houston on your radar? Good idea! The city is growing at record rates, thanks to its booming economy, stellar career opportunities, charming neighborhoods, and a rising cultural scene. Areas of the city are as diverse and varied as the city’s promising job market. A better question might be: why not move to Houston?

Things to Know About Living in Houston

Second, only to New York City, Space City or H-town (as the locals call it) has the largest number of Fortune 500 companies. This means employment opportunities with high-paying salaries are abundant. Young professionals — both singles and families — are moving to the city at record rates. Plus, Houston’s exploding real estate market means there is a multitude of highly sought-after neighborhoods to consider.

Downtown Houston is a prime choice for young professionals because of its close proximity to tons of restaurants, bars, and other cultural attractions. Other coveted neighborhoods include The Woodlands, Spring, Galleria, Uptown, Montrose, and The Heights. Learning your way around Houston can be tricky. But once you figure out the inner loop and outer loop, you should be good to go.

A piece of advice: plan on moving with a car in tow. Public transportation is slowly improving, but the city isn’t exactly walkable. On the other hand, fluctuating downtown parking rates aren’t fun. Expect an affordable cost of living when it comes to both renting or purchasing a home. However, keep in mind that Houston does not have zoning laws. Therefore, you never know what might pop up in your neighborhood next.

What’s It Really Like Living in Houston?

So, what’s it actually like to live in Houston? Expect hot, humid weather in the summer, with mild winters and perfect spring and fall weather. There’s also plenty of traffic, so consider living close to the workplace or starting your commute early. Houston has no state income taxes, but potentially high property taxes (at least they are tax deductible). However, high-paying careers and an affordable cost of living help ease those weather and traffic woes.

Tasty Tex-Mex and barbecue are among some of the city’s culinary pleasures. Killer happy hours and a big cultural scene give you the opportunity to spend every weekend doing something interesting and unique. There’s also a blooming arts and entertainment scene. Be sure to visit The Museum District, and sports fans will love all the chances to cheer on the teams, especially football.

Abundant employment, low cost of living, a wide mix of neighborhoods, and leisure activities for every age range and lifestyle make Houston an excellent choice for relocation.

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