Moving offices can be a pivotal chapter in your company’s success story. 

One of the most important steps of a smooth office move is to get your team members on board. However, this is a conversation that some business owners put off. Many times they simply aren’t sure how to break the news to their teams. But with some strong planning and an effective office move announcement, your move will start off on the right foot.

How To Make an Office Move Announcement to Employees

Follow these steps for a smooth office moving experience.

Announce as soon as you have a clear plan.

At all costs, don’t let news of your upcoming office move slip before you’re ready to make the announcement. You don’t want your staff to find out about the relocation through the grapevine. As a leader, this type of error does not inspire confidence. Keep discussion with outsiders to a minimum until you have a chance to tell your entire staff.

Be detailed.

Talk about how relocating will benefit both the company and individual employees. Go through the process and outline your timetable. Discuss specific expectations for each division, especially if your company is large. Explain how team members can help.

Watch your tone.

As you prepare to address your team, think about the way you communicate both verbally and nonverbally. Let your positive attitude set the tone for the entire duration of your office move. You don’t want to seem unengaged or ill-prepared. For this reason, stay away from simply reciting your plans.

Be genuine and stay upbeat. Stay conversational in all of your presentations — don’t just talk at them. Try to avoid “corporate speak,” since it often comes across as superior and impersonal. (We’re all too familiar with vague business terms like “synergize,” “move the needle,” and “best practice,” so don’t be that person.) Communicating in a positive tone boosts morale and helps productivity during this sort of transition.

Be honest.

Keep open communication with your team members. It’s likely you’ll face some unwillingness — many employees are resistant to change, especially when they feel it could affect their job. Be reassuring and keep their interests at heart.

Don’t forget to lay out the reasons for your decision to move offices. Will it help the company financially or offer the opportunity to grow your business? Is the location central to more of your clients or vendors? Include your team members in your thought process, and explain all of the benefits. You’ll find that this kind of transparency will increase empathy and produce better results.

Anticipate fears and questions.

There are all sorts of reasons for your employees to be nervous about an upcoming office move. Depending on location, driving distance and commute time is an understandable cause for concern. Team members may be skeptical about various internal and external factors like office space and setup, parking, proximity to restaurants, and other amenities.

Put yourself in your employees’ shoes as you prepare to address them. For example, a question and answer session is always helpful, especially if you’re prepared to moderate the conversation. Alternatively, you could also include possible questions in your presentation. Just try to avoid negativity as much as possible, and don’t dwell on any single topic or question. Keep the conversation moving.

Keep employees engaged.

Give your employees a sense of ownership. Encourage team members to speak up with any ideas or concerns. Involve them in planning and discussion as much as possible. Your business will thrive because of it, even beyond the immediate office relocation.

If your company is large, keep managers in the loop with any new information. This enables them to speak directly with their department members. And make sure you empower those managers with all the tools they need to improve morale and productivity for the upcoming move.

Update frequently.

Many options are available to put out new information related to your office move announcement. You could hold short meetings, send emails, or distribute memos. However, it’s important you don’t overwhelm your team members. Remember they have their own jobs to do, in addition to getting ready for the office move. It’s a lot to process, and countless memos and emails will create information overload. Consider setting up an intranet section with all information pertaining to the move that staff members can review at their convenience. Adding an FAQ section is also helpful.

Keep it fun.

If you didn’t think an office move could be enjoyable, you’re missing out. Shower your team members with appreciation, as budget allows. Allow them to pick out new office chairs, and give them a say in setting up their workspace. When it comes down to crunch time, spring for working lunches and packing parties.

Start planning an office warming party to show off your new space to clients and vendors. Pick out new art and decor. And don’t forget to enjoy yourself — it’s an exciting time!

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