When it comes to office moving, one thing is certain. The process can be complicated, and it’s rarely predictable. No two moves are exactly alike. In the world of office moves, Ameritex Movers often sees the same common errors over and over. That’s why we’ve put together a helpful list of office moving do’s and don’ts to help you avoid making these common mistakes and move like a pro.

Office Moving Do’s and Don’ts

Do: Create a detailed move timeline, complete with task delegation.
Don’t: Procrastinate. It would be incredibly frustrating to lose a day or two of revenue just because you didn’t plan well.

Do: Communicate in a positive manner with your employees regarding the move. Set up regular meetings and try using memos, emails, and intranet.
Don’t: Wait until the last minute to inform your staff. Word will get out, and your team will wonder why you kept it from them if they don’t hear about it directly from you.

Do: Have your IT department connect and disconnect your sensitive office equipment. Unless you have made special arrangements, your office movers will not touch them.
Don’t: Try to move your copy machine without consulting your vendor. These machines are incredibly sensitive and require special care to move them properly.

Packing For An Office Move

Do: Pack your own personal items. Office movers should not be responsible for property like wallets, computer discs, and personal files.
Don’t: Leave these items in your desk. Make sure you empty everything instead of leaving it to rattle and slide around during your move.

Do: Pack any living plants. It’s standard procedure — your office movers cannot move living things.
Don’t: Leave your expensive plant life sitting in a hot vehicle. Pack them last, and unpack them first. They are extremely sensitive to the elements.

Do: Consider hiring full-service office movers who will pack and unpack. This is the most organized and streamlined moving method, and it will leave you and your employees free to focus on daily operations.
Don’t: Improperly label boxes. Instead, clearly label each side with the contents and where they should go. If you label with employee names, your office movers won’t have a clue what you mean.

Do: Leave vertical cabinets full. They are easier to transport that way.
Don’t: Leave lateral cabinets full beyond two drawers. Make sure that every drawer above the second one is totally empty.

See our office moving tips for a complete list to help you streamline your office move.

Let Ameritex Movers Handle Your Office Relocation

For over 15 years, we have been a trusted name in Houston office moves. We understand your sensitive documents and fragile office equipment require the utmost care. That’s why we equip our moving crews with the best practices and most current methods. 

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