Picture this. You walk into your brand-new home. Everything is immaculate. Cupboards and closets are spotless, begging to be filled with your belongings. You open that first box and panic.

In that single box, you find a wad of clothes, a few cleaning supplies, and your remotes. The other boxes look similar. This was not an organized move.

You can avoid this nightmare by creating a detailed packing list before your move. Some people get overwhelmed because packing to move is a tedious task. But with a few pointers and a sample list, you’ll be well on your way to an efficient and stress-free move.

Start Ahead of Time

An important component of a great packing list actually has more to do with timing than anything else. You’ll want to get started as soon as you know you’re moving. Do a little at a time so it’s not overwhelming.

A huge benefit of moving, in general, is the opportunity to start fresh. Take advantage of this. Sort through your belongings, save the pieces that work, and donate or sell the rest.

Arrange to have fabric items cleaned so they’ll be at their best once you’re moved in. This includes coats, comforters, and furniture. Lifestyle guru Martha Stewart suggests sending your rugs off to a professional cleaner before a move — they’ll come back to you clean, rolled and wrapped.

Categorize Your Packing List

Writing down everything in your home is a daunting task, so make it easier on yourself. Break it down room by room. Try a list with timelines. This way, you can jot down specific tasks to complete four weeks out, two weeks out, and so on.

Packing lists are effective when they make sense to you. There’s no right or wrong way to construct your list, as long as there’s a method to your madness.

Be Thorough

One of the worst feelings on moving day is discovering an entire room you haven’t packed up yet. These usual suspects are the laundry room, pantry, and hall closet.

Leave no corner unturned as you prepare your list. Not only will it help you avoid throwing forgotten items into random boxes last-minute, but it will also ensure you purchase enough moving supplies. Is there a worse feeling than trying to round up boxes the day before your move? We don’t think so.

Sample Moving Packing List

Need more ideas? Here’s a handy one-room packing list template to get you started. You should customize according to a room.

  • Furniture – empty drawers and disassemble if possible
  • Walls – art and wall hangings
  • Fabrics – rugs, window dressings, blankets, accent pillows, shower curtains
  • Closet contents
  • Cabinet contents
  • Drawer contents
  • Electronics, including cords and cables
  • Accessories – lamps, table or countertop decor, books

Don’t forget to plan for emptying your garage and attic.

What’s Next?

Creating a perfect packing list is the first step to a low-stress move. We at Ameritex can help with the rest. Explore our Houston website for more information or to get a free estimate.