Professional movers can easily handle every aspect of your move, from the first box packed in your old home to the last item set up in your new home. In the moving industry, this is referred to as a full-service move. On the other hand, partial-service allows you to customize the process by doing one or more tasks yourself.

Ameritex Houston movers are skilled in just about any type of move you could imagine. We’ll walk you through a couple different scenarios to give you perspective on what type of professional move would help you best in your situation.

Hiring Movers to Load and Unload

Sometimes all you need are a few extra sets of muscles to load and unload, and a truck to haul your stuff. This is where our loading and unloading service comes in. This way, you still get the reliability and peace of mind that comes with hiring local professional movers.

The Process of Ameritex Professional Movers

If you choose full service from Ameritex professional movers, get ready for a luxury moving experience from start to finish. Here’s how each step of our process goes:

  1. After you do your research and hire movers, you have a few weeks to declutter and weed through your belongings.
  2. A coordinator calls you approximately 24 hours before your move to confirm and discuss additional details.
  3. The day of your move, your crew punctually arrives. The crew leader gives you the moving contract and goes through the steps with you.
  4. The crew leader conducts a walkthrough and assesses everything.
  5. Movers disassemble furniture, wrap your belongings, and provide complimentary plastic wrap and wardrobe boxes.
  6. Then, the movers load, transport, and unload your items in your new home.
  7. After the movers have unwrapped your items, assembled your furniture, and disposed of packing materials, you sign your contract and make the payment.

Once your move is complete, you can begin enjoying your new home. You’ll have no piles of boxes to depress you or endless items to unwrap. You simply start settling in. What could be easier?

Hiring professional movers allows you to enjoy your moving experience, whether you choose partial or full service. You can’t go wrong with Ameritex.

Moving Expert in Houston

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