Each fall as Halloween and Thanksgiving approach, the pressure is on to find the perfect pumpkin. Whether you’re carving, painting, or just displaying your pumpkin, Houston is a great place to be on the hunt. Pumpkin patches are a longtime tradition, and we have no shortage here in town. Below you’ll find helpful tips for selecting the best pumpkin, as well as a variety of highly rated Houston pumpkin patches.

Tips For Choosing a Pumpkin

Although preferences vary according to individual tastes and display purposes, here are some general guidelines to help you select your pumpkin.

1. Check your pumpkin’s general appearance.

First, look it over for any discoloration. A small amount is okay, but large green patches could indicate a problem. Second, make sure it’s firm, rather than mushy. Finally, choose a symmetrical shape that works for your decorating purposes.

2. Evaluate the pumpkin’s surface.

Will you be carving your pumpkin? If so, try to choose the smoothest pumpkin possible. If you’re painting it, a few lumps and bumps are okay.

Thick pumpkins can be difficult to carve. Knock gently on the surface to evaluate its thickness. If it sounds hollow, it’s a good candidate for carving.

3. Enjoy the experience.

Instead of spending every moment fussing over pictures of your kids for social media or obsessing over finding a totally flawless pumpkin, relax and have fun in the pumpkin patch. Make memories and take advantage of the opportunity to be outside in nice weather.

Now that you’re an expert in all things pumpkin-related, it’s time to choose your local pumpkin patch.

The Best Houston Pumpkin Patches

As you read through the following list and decide which pumpkin patch to visit, keep your specific needs in mind. Families with children may enjoy a farm experience with plenty of activities. For example, many venues offer hayrides and petting zoos in addition to pumpkins. Here are some great pumpkin patches all over the Greater Houston area.

Blessington Farms

510 Chisolm Trail

Simonton, 77476

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church

1819 Heights Boulevard

Houston, 77008

Oil Ranch

23501 Macedonia Road

Hockley, 77447

Dewberry Farm

FM 362 & Morrison Road

Brookshire, 77423

Halter Inc.

17410 Clay Rd.

Houston, 77084

Old Time Christmas Tree Farm

7632 Spring Cypress Road

Spring, 77379

Nature Discovery Center

7112 Newcastle

Bellaire, 77401

Can’t choose just one? Luckily, most venues are open through at least the end of the month. With a little ambition and some free weekends, you can visit the best pumpkins and fall festivities our city has to offer.

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