A constant flow of young professionals and families is transforming Houston into a bustling renter’s market. Only a few years ago the city held tens of thousands of empty units, but now apartment complexes across town are posting “no vacancy” signs. It’s truly a city in transition. If you’re thinking about renting in Houston, there’s never been a better time than right now.

3 Reasons Houston Is a Renter’s Market

Booming industry and vast, disconnected residential neighborhoods are bringing more Houstonians into the city, supporting a growing renter’s market. These are the key factors behind the city’s new look.

1. Steady Flow of Transplants

The flow of hurricane evacuees, families, and young professionals into the Houston area began with Katrina and hasn’t slowed down since. Houston’s lower unemployment rates make it a no-brainer for families on the move, and the energy and medical industries have helped the city grow tremendously.

Transplants are increasingly choosing rental properties for the flexibility and convenience of shorter leases. Houston’s living costs are also relatively low compared to other large cities in the U.S.

2. Energy and Medical Industry

The oil and gas industry is a dominant force in Houston’s economy, and its reach expands into the renter’s market to house thousands of employees. Apartments offer low maintenance for the busiest tenants and provide great amenities, like onsite gyms and trash valet.

The medical industry brings many jobs to the Houston area as well. With some of the best facilities in the world, Houston’s Medical Center hosts various residency programs, keeping most out-of-state students renting in close proximity to their assignments.

3. Removed Residential Areas

A quick glance at the map suggests the city of Houston was built with renters in mind: residential suburbia on the outside, with rental properties on the inside. Most public transportation is located in the city center and inaccessible to residential areas. Anyone wanting easy access to the city’s best restaurants and bars should look locally for accommodations.

Houston’s distant residential neighborhoods are notorious for their long commutes. When you see the morning and evening congestion on the Houston highways, it’s no wonder why people choose to avoid that hubbub by renting closer to their work.

Need Help Moving Apartments?

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