Houses and apartments with unique layouts open up great opportunities for creativity. A wider bedroom could fit a new armoire, or a lengthy living room might be perfect for a gaming table. But every now and then, you find that one spare room that defies definition. If it’s too small to be a guest bedroom but too big to be a closet, what do you to?

5 Ways to Transform a Spare Room

There are plenty of ways to repurpose an awkward room, but that depends its dimensions and overall vibe. Check out our five favorite ways to utilize a spare room below.

1. Create a Home Office

It might seem obvious, but even those who don’t work at home could use a private office space. If you’ve got ample electrical outlets, a window, and some breathing room, this could be a great place to focus on your work in privacy, store important paperwork, or even set up an external monitor for easier computer work.

2. Build a Cozy Reading Nook

Low or slanted ceilings can be an office’s kryptonite — no one wants to risk head trauma while brainstorming. One way to use a particularly awkward room is to turn it into a reading nook (especially if it has carpeting and/or a window). Reading nooks only require floor seating, like large pillows or bean bags. This not only saves you money, but also avoids the task of finding the right furniture to fit strange ceilings and odd angles. Spacious top-floor attics can make perfect reading spaces.

3. Jam in Your Own Music Room

Taking up an instrument is a beautiful thing, but that doesn’t mean everyone in the house wants to hear a 6-year-old drummer banging away like there’s no tomorrow. Vice versa, maybe you’d prefer to play your instrument in peace or privacy. A music room is perfect for getting those guitars out of the living room while providing a dedicated space that isolates the noise and removes distraction.

4. Make a Home Gym

Privacy and seclusion is often why so many people leave their houses to go to the gym. But what if you had a private space in your home where you could lock the door, zone-out, and break a sweat without being haunted by dirty dishes or a loud TV? A spare room can be a perfect place for exercise equipment, like dumbbells or a treadmill.

5. Transform Your Space into a Game/Recreation Room

Are you a movie buff? A spare room is perfect for rigging up a surround sound system that doesn’t take over the living room. The same goes for video game consoles: Why clutter the living room entertainment system with boxes and wires when you can have a closed-off space to enjoy multiplayer mayhem in peace?

Don’t forget about analog games, either. Memories are made over hair-splitting games of Monopoly or foosball, but that doesn’t mean you have to take up precious space in the den.

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