10 Simple Spring Cleaning Tips
As the flowers start to bloom again, you know it’s time to make your house “bloom” again as well! Winter can be rough and let’s face it; no one really bothers with extensive cleaning in the winter being that we’re so busy with the holiday season. So prior to spring is the best time to get the job done and revitalize your home for the upcoming colorful season. Here are a few tips that can make your spring cleaning task much easier:

  • REPAIR IT – Start off with the household repairs – no matter how insignificant or small they may be, damages are still damages and it’s best to get them out of the way rather than fuss over them later. So pick up those tools and get to it. If you can’t, hire a handy man or put in a maintenance request at your apartment community.
  • HIT THE BATHROOMS – Check your drains, taps, etc. Clean, bleach and wipe down all of your showers, tubs, sinks and toilets. Clean out the drawers and throw away anything in the drawers that you don’t need and maybe even use a vacuum cleaner and clean all the small particles that build in the drawer. Clean out the bathroom cabinets too. Donate or throw away any old towels or linens and throw away any expired or empty bottles from underneath the counter space.
  • ORGANZIE CLOSETS – Before you get to the exterior, organize the interior. Throw out (or donate) clothes to discard, put your springtime clothes in front, and sort away all the winter stuff. Wardrobe boxes are ideal for long-term storage. Organizers and plastic storage containers are great for making the best use of space in smaller spaces like in apartments.
  • TOP TO BOTTOM – Start cleaning rooms from top to bottom. It’s better to get the bedrooms, etc. done before the main rooms like living room and kitchen. Organize shelves and bookshelves. Clean decoration pieces and remember to dust ceiling fans, drapery and curtains too. Furniture should be wiped down and vacuuming is a must. Don’t panic or grow weary – do one room at a time, keep a steady pace, no rush!
  • CLEAN YOUR WALLS – Nothing makes a house shine that clean walls! Take water, mix in some mild dishwashing liquid, and take a clean cloth or sponge to wipe the walls. Don’t soak the cloth/sponge, only dampen slightly. You can also take some paint and do some touch-ups or even move into spring by painting a wall or room a new color.
  • CLEAN OR WASH FLOORS – Wipe away wood floors, clean tiles, and vacuum carpets and rugs. Make sure you get the grout or the edges around the baseboards. Speaking of baseboards… wipe it down too plus any other molding you have throughout your space.
  • GET A GOOD STAIN REMOVER and find all and any stains you can and try to clean them off as best as possible. Make sure to test a small area if you’re using a new stain remover.
  • DON’T FORGET THE APPLIANCES – Spring into your refrigerator and freezer too. Clean our any expired food and wipe down the inside and clean/line the drawers with some paper towels. Replace any filters and clean out any lint traps. If you can, clean behind your appliances and wipe down the exterior too from top to bottom.
  • EVERYTHING HAS ITS PLACE – Make sure you designate a space for everything. For example keep all you bills in one place, or have a designated area for your keys, receipts and coins/change. Don’t have these things scattered in various drawers or countertops. Find the best place and keep it there.
  • TRY SOMETHING NEW – Try a new theme to uplift you house or apartment. If your space looks dull or you’re just tired of the same old everything, spruce up the house! It doesn’t have to be very expensive either – maybe change cushion covers, add some art pieces, try out DIY projects, etc.