Today’s the big day! Moving day is a big deal, and it’s filled with new possibilities. While many people regard moving day as a stressful event, we’re here to turn that around. Before you catch yourself worrying or beginning to feel stressed out, check out our movers’ top eight stress relief tips for move day.

  1. Be prepared beforehand.

Label your boxes and have an idea of how you’ll use each room, then incorporate an app like Moving Van to help you remember what’s in each box. Purge your belongings long before the move, and mentally prepare for the day. If you’re using Ameritex Movers, review our moving process so you know what to expect.

  1. Envision your new life.

Your new house has so much potential. What will become of these bare walls and empty rooms? Instead of thinking about the work these projects require, focus on how you can make your new place feel like your own. Imagine the parties you’ll host, the coffee shop you’ll become a regular of, and the memories your children will make.

  1. Pack snacks.

Is it just us, or does everyone get a little hangry (hungry + angry) from time to time? Move day is a busy one, and it’s not uncommon for your to-do list to get so long that you forget to eat. Pack a bag of your favorite, easily portable snacks like beef jerky, trail mix, or a sandwich for when you feel your mood starting to drop.

  1. Go out to eat.

Snacks are great for when you need a quick boost, but going out to eat in the middle of a move gives you the chance to recharge and enjoy a change of scenery.

  1. Set a good example.

If you find yourself becoming cranky, stressed, or short-tempered, take a minute to step outside and breathe deeply. Your energy rubs off on your family members, movers, and roommates, so do what you can to remain a calm presence.

  1. Pay attention to how your kids are handling the move.

Moving day can be emotionally taxing for them as well, so stay tuned into how they’re doing. Find ways to involve them in the move, and treat them to ice cream or something special that evening. Teach them some stress relief breathing exercises, as well.

  1. Don’t expect to get everything done at once.

Your house will not be perfectly set up on day one. Don’t enter the move with this expectation. Instead, prioritize your unpacking. You can live without a functional living area and dining room for a few days. A bathroom and bedroom? Probably not.

  1. Leave it to the professionals.

Ameritex is Houston’s favorite stress-free moving company. If you let us handle your move, we guarantee a smooth ride from start to finish. We guide your move every step of the way and have even more stress relief tips than those above! Give us a call today or fill out the form above for a free moving quote.