Studio apartments have never been more on trend, especially for millennials. While New Yorkers have embraced the micro apartment for decades, it’s a relatively new choice for the rest of us. For the modern apartment resident, nothing could be more enticing than a cozy, stylish apartment in a desirable urban area.

When it’s time to move in your belongings, you may start to question how everything will fit and flow. However, it’s possible to have a studio that’s every bit as comfortable as a full-size apartment. You just have to be smart about setting it up.

Steps To Your Perfect Studio Apartment

In many ways, styling a studio is easier than you might think. Read on for some creative suggestions to make the most of your new apartment.

Keep things light and airy.

  • Hang mirrors and use lots of lighting.
  • Don’t block windows.
  • Decorate with light, bright colors.
  • Avoid heavy fabrics, bulky furniture, and oppressive patterns.

Embracing the open concept trend will serve you well in your new studio apartment. Gauzy fabrics and soft lamps will help complete the look.

Set up designated living spaces.

  • Buy a couple of houseplants, to both enhance air quality and add interest.
  • Arrange furniture, rugs, and lighting to create separate areas. Make sure you have a designated bedroom, living room, and entry spaces.
  • Use curtains, but avoid heavy, bulky fabrics.
  • Decorate wisely and coordinate fabrics and colors to create cohesion.

One of the most appealing things about a studio apartment is there’s less space to decorate. Your dollar will go farther in a small space, and you won’t have to make dozens of design decisions.

Embrace minimalism.

  • Use the opportunity to declutter.
  • Get rid of excess furniture.
  • Only buy pieces that you love.
  • Avoid elaborate displays.
  • Keep pathways clear.
  • Always tidy up immediately to save yourself from long cleaning sessions.

Less is more when it comes to your studio apartment. Instead of lamenting your lack of storage space, embrace the minimalist lifestyle and get creative with your storage options.

Get creative with storage.

  • Your furniture should do double duty when possible. A storage chest can easily double as a coffee table. Use your imagination!
  • Use your walls — floating shelves are an attractive option.
  • Storage boxes should be both pretty and useful. Choose stylish bins and nice baskets that you can display with pride.
  • Think outside the box — you can easily turn a cramped closet into an office or crafting space.

There are many things to love about a studio apartment. They’re convenient, cozy, and fun to decorate. Flip open a home trends magazine and you’ll see that the design world has also fallen in love with studios. With some smart decoration and organization choices, you’ll have the trendiest home around.

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