If you’ve ever seen an episode of “Hoarders,” you know that’s no way to live. But there’s a lesson in it for everyone — don’t let your belongings own you. Finding yourself short on home storage? The easiest and quickest way to increase storage space is to throw away nonessentials.

If you’re having a hard time figuring out what to toss, you’re not alone. In fact, getting started can be the hardest part. But before you stress, read on and check out the infographic to find out which common items you should throw away immediately to start the decluttering process.

infographic of items to throw away to declutter before moving


First 15 Items You Should Throw Away

1. Boxes

Don’t hold onto original packaging just because it’s pretty — or pretty expensive. Save only the boxes you’ll actually use.

2. Business cards

You’ve probably saved some business cards over the years, from Fred the plumber to Stan the accountant. If you’ve had them more than a few weeks, it’s time to toss.

3. Clothing

Donate or sell clothes you haven’t worn for an entire season. And those holey underwear and mismatched socks? Trash.

4. Cosmetics

It’s hard to part with pricey makeup. But if something is old or an unflattering shade, chuck it.

5. Electronics

Immediately dispose of useless remotes, forgotten routers, that laptop from high school, and anything else you don’t use.

6. Food

Take a peek at your fridge and pantry to see what’s expired — you might be shocked.

7. Gift cards

Get rid of empty gift cards, and also those containing under a dollar. If you have a full gift card you don’t plan on using, sell it online through Cardpool or Raise.

8. Magazines

Go through all of the magazines you’ve been hoarding. Clip articles you want to keep and put them in a binder. Problem solved.

9. Manuals

Some instruction manuals are worth keeping. But that booklet explaining all the ins and outs of your $10 toaster? Not so much.

10. Medication

Medicine can seriously crowd your cabinets. Check for expired pills and properly dispose of them.

11. Sponges

It’s no secret that sponges, dish brushes, loofahs, and the like are breeding grounds for bacteria. Replace these items often, and disinfect them regularly.

12. Textbooks

Yes, those books were expensive once upon a time when you actually needed them. But how many times have you looked at that psych book since you graduated? Donate or sell, if it’s still relevant.

13. Tupperware

Check your kitchen for storage containers without lids, and recycle those to free up some much-needed cabinet space.

14. Toys

Many toys are shockingly expensive. But if your kids don’t play with them anymore, it doesn’t make sense to keep them around. Planning on more children? Box them up and store them in the attic.

15. Water filter

You should replace that filter every few months for optimum taste and filtration.

Moving Soon?

If you’re weeding through items to get ready for a move, you’re well on your way to a stress-free moving experience. Consider a garage sale to help pay for your move. Professional local movers like Ameritex can help with the rest.

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